Audiobooks & Why We Love Them

It’s no secret if you’ve been listening to the SPF podcast that our family LOVES audiobooks.

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It started with library books that came with CDs, and then we checked out Little House on the Prairie. We were hooked. But our CD player broke and my kids nor I are very good at figuring out the DVD situation (that machine is the worst in our house), so I finally decided to try Audible.

I wasn’t so sure, but I figured a free month and two free books to keep forever was enough incentive to at least try it.

I blinked and here we are a year later and still loving it and using it every day. That’s right, we use Audible every day!

How? When? Where?

  • We have the Audible app on our iPad and phones.

  • You can listen to the same book or different books at the same time on the same account from different devices.

  • That means at rest time, my kids can listen to an audiobook of their choice without paying for extra accounts.

  • I can play audiobooks in the car on trips - to Grandma’s or to the grocery store. I use my phone with headphones for my kids or I can play it through the bluetooth on the car speakers.

Why we love it:

  • My kids get to hear stories and literature being read aloud to them at rest time and on trips.

  • I get one free audiobook a month and many of the children’s books are inexpensive

  • If we don’t like a book (it’s happened), we can return it at ANY time and get a full refund.

  • It’s been a fun way to connect over stories on road trips.

  • My kids love it.

  • We get to play the Jesus Storybook Bible at night as the kids go to bed.

  • We get to keep the audiobooks FOREVER! even if we cancel our membership

We really do love it!

And now you can try it for FREE for one month and get TWO FREE audiobooks to KEEP FOREVER! Not only that - when you try it through my special link, you are supporting the SPF podcast. For every trial, Audible kicks back a small amount and it goes directly to helping me produce the podcast!

Want to give it a try?

Go here:

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