Faithfulness in the Grit of Motherhood

There I was laying on the living room floor, apron on and feet propped up on the couch. The kidswere finally in bed and I was exhausted. I thought to myself, it takes a committed faithfulness to the Truth of God’s Word to tackle the grit of motherhood; it takes a firm belief in the Scriptures to keep nurturing and teaching and correcting children day in and day out.

Motherhood is more than just logistics, and making sandwiches, and searching for bandaids and missing stuffies. God has given mothers children for His glory and given clear instructions for motherhood: to teach the commands of God that they might know and worship the Creator.

There is no other opportunity, quite like a mother’s, to teach and instruct about God throughout the day. Our children are born with rebellious hearts that are against God and we are tasked with showing them the glory of God, the goodness of God, the Truth of God by teaching His Word.

But it’s wearisome. And sometimes it seems there is little fruit from all our work.

My precious four year old daughter is in the midst of a battle; a passionate battle of her vs others. She is learning the classic virtue that even adults still struggle with: selflessness. When I saw her struggle to share her things or to let others go first, I pulled out all my lessons. I was going to dazzle her with all the goodness of laying down our lives. I talked to her about how sharing glorifies God, I shared stories of Jesus coming to serve, not be served, I prayed with her and for her daily. There was nothing short of a puppet show in my instruction about selflessness.

About two weeks in I threw in the towel. I couldn’t believe she still struggled with selfishness after all my prayers and instructions. I was frustrated and tired.

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