Favorite Things Game

These are a few of my favorite things!

Instead of a White Elephant, Yankee Swap, or other gift exchange, consider a Favorite Things Party! This is a great way to not only get to know your friends or family a little better but leave with delightful treats.

Favorite Things Gift Swap

What: A Gift Swap

What you need:

  • four slips of paper for each person (can be scrap paper)
  • pens for writing names on paper
  • one basket labeled "Who's Next"
  • one basket labeled "Who Gets It"
  • Each person needs to bring three gifts

How to Play:

  • Each person brings three of their favorite things under $5 each (or set your own price point). This is usually three of the same item, like three ornaments, or three lip balms, or three starbucks gift cards.
  • Each person writes their name down one four slips of paper. 1 slip goes in a "Who's Next" basket and 3 slips go in the "Who Gets it" basket.
  • The game begins by drawing a person from the "Who's next" basket. That person comes up and shares about what they brought and why it's her favorite thing. Then she draws three names out of the "Who Gets It" basket. If your name is called you get the special treat! If the person draws their own name or the same name twice, she can re-draw a name.
  • Every person walks away with three new things to take home and enjoy.

This is a simple game with almost zero prep. If you want this to be a little nicer for a family gift exchange you can up the price point of the gifts like 3 items that are $15 each, for example. You can always play the game by bringing only 2 favorite things with a higher price point.

Let me know if you play it!

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(This game is mentioned in Episode 22: Awkward Family Christmas)