Resurrection Reading Plan for Kids!

What happened after Jesus rose from the dead?

Check out this free 10 day Reading Plan with a simple activity to do with your kids for Family Worship or Bible Time!



  • Get: The Gospel Story Bible by Marti Machowski, (affiliate link) or just use your Bible!

  • Print: The 10 day devotional and the picture images.

  • Cut Out: The picture images and with each reading you have your child guess the right image that goes with the story and have them tape them on the wall. Or you can hole punch and string them on a string like a story garland.

Devotion Time:

  • Read the Scripture passage, then the passage from The Gospel Story Bible (affiliate link) if you have it.

  • Next, ask your child what picture they think goes with the story.

  • Tape the picture on the wall or put it on string.

  • Finally, ask questions about the text. What happened? What is important to know?