Anchored Bible Study: Content Sneak Peek and Bonus Material

What are your fears?

What do you worry about?

What has you second guessing your decisions?

I'm telling you, we all live with some bits of anxiety in our lives to varying degrees. It stinks. And what's more, we are actually living contrary to the will of God! 

That's right - God does not want us to be anxious! (Read Philippians 4:16: Do not be anxious about ANYTHING!)


Well, because as children of God, we don't have to be. With our faith rooted in the One True God, we can have the abundant flourishing life He promises us.

Sneak Peek!

Maybe you've been thinking about doing a bible study for personal use, or you are looking to get together with a few women and discuss God's Word. 

Well, take a sneak peek into the Anchored bible study and learn about the bonus materials at the end!