Give Thanks

There is so much to be thankful for. I'm sure you and I could fill a page in a few minutes of all the things that we have and love and are truly blessed by.

But sometimes I look over my list and realize it's filled with a lot of things - good things - things that make my heart swell with thanksgiving. Then I look at my prayers and they are the same. I often lack a working knowledge of the God of all Creation. He seems to elude my praises, not because I He's not worthy! But because I lack a constant stream of knowledge of who He is and why He is completely praiseworthy.

Right now in the She Proves Faithful In the Word reading plan (you can sign up free here), we are reading Scriptures that teach us reasons to praise and give thanks to God and ways to give praise and thanks to God!

I've made a little free print out for us to do in our own study and worship of God, or with our kids. Because my first home-made construction paper version was shredded by an almost two year old, who shall remain nameless.

Original version destroyed by said 2 year old ;) 

Original version destroyed by said 2 year old ;) 


Select a reading from the November SPF in the Word reading plan, or from the list below, or any reading of Scripture, and fill in this chart.

In a few minutes of reading and making observations, you will have reasons and ways to praise and give thanks to the God of the Universe!

Get the free Give Thanks printable here!

Free printable for you!

Free printable for you!


Great Thanksgiving Activity for the Whole Family

This little print out is an excellent Thanksgiving activity that goes beyond a list of things we are thankful for (which is great too!). This will have family members looking at God in His Word and being dazzled by the glorious One on High!

Here's how you can use it on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Print out a Give Thanks chart for each person
  • Provide a Bible and pen for each person
  • Provide time to read aloud or on their own and fill in the chart
  • Have people share some reasons and ways they can give praise or thanks to God that they observed in the Scriptures.
  • Finish the time with a prayer of praise and thanks

Scripture Passage Ideas:


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Faithfulness in the Grit of Motherhood

There I was laying on the living room floor, apron on and feet propped up on the couch. The kidswere finally in bed and I was exhausted. I thought to myself, it takes a committed faithfulness to the Truth of God’s Word to tackle the grit of motherhood; it takes a firm belief in the Scriptures to keep nurturing and teaching and correcting children day in and day out.

Motherhood is more than just logistics, and making sandwiches, and searching for bandaids and missing stuffies. God has given mothers children for His glory and given clear instructions for motherhood: to teach the commands of God that they might know and worship the Creator.

There is no other opportunity, quite like a mother’s, to teach and instruct about God throughout the day. Our children are born with rebellious hearts that are against God and we are tasked with showing them the glory of God, the goodness of God, the Truth of God by teaching His Word.

But it’s wearisome. And sometimes it seems there is little fruit from all our work.

My precious four year old daughter is in the midst of a battle; a passionate battle of her vs others. She is learning the classic virtue that even adults still struggle with: selflessness. When I saw her struggle to share her things or to let others go first, I pulled out all my lessons. I was going to dazzle her with all the goodness of laying down our lives. I talked to her about how sharing glorifies God, I shared stories of Jesus coming to serve, not be served, I prayed with her and for her daily. There was nothing short of a puppet show in my instruction about selflessness.

About two weeks in I threw in the towel. I couldn’t believe she still struggled with selfishness after all my prayers and instructions. I was frustrated and tired.

This blog post was written by Lauren Hlushak and published on

You can read the rest of the article on RenewedinTruth and while you're there, check out more resources on biblical living.


She Proves Faithful now offering HospitaliTEA

It's Tea Time!

Tea is beverage served around the world and is beloved by many not only for the health benefits of black and herbal teas, but also for the meaningful conversations often exchanged over a single cup.

She Proves Faithful is always looking to help women prove faithful in their spheres of influence. One way is to offer delicious teas to guests in our homes. Sometimes its difficult to keep beverages on hand for guests (because our kids drink them - or we do - guilty!), and because they can be expensive!

That's why having some loose leaf tea is a great alternative to expensive sodas or drinks. It's on hand, easily stores in your spice cabinet, and is ready to brew when a guest arrives.

Our teas are also a great treat for winding down while we read the Bible or some of our favorite books and Bible Studies (like Radiant or the Gospel-Centered Life).

She Proves Faithful currently has two delicious tea blends in stock: Organic Loose Leaf Chai and Organic Loose Leaf Stay Well Herbal Blend. These small batches are great for the home, make a great gift, and are perfect for gift baskets.

If you're not sure about tea and all the goodness of it, check out this article:

Black Tea Health Benefits

Echinacea Benefits (found in Stay Well Tea)

Ready for some tea?