SPF 102: Acknowledging God & Deep Joy

Acknowledging God is connected to our joy. Today we are talking about ways we sometimes do not acknowledge God and how we can acknowledge God, learning that one leads to destruction and the other to a deep joy rooted in the truthfulness of God.

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Acknowledging God and Deep Joy

When we acknowledge God in His Godness, it leads our heart to worship. God has the words of life! Let us come to Him!

Five ways that a person does not acknowledge God:

Romans 1:28 And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.

โ€œThey stood in judgement of God and found Him unworthy to be acknowledged.โ€

When a person does not see fit to acknowledge God it looks like:

  1. denial of calling sin a sin 

  2. twisting the Word of God 

  3. Avoiding the Word of God altogether 

  4. Adding and taking away from the Gospel

  5. Coming up with a better way

This is such a thorough picture of someone who does not acknowledge God - for someone who finds God and His Word unworthy of being acknowledged and obeyed. 

The amazing thing is, regardless of what any human thinks about about God, God is untouched by our thoughts and opinions. God is God and God reigns.

Four Ways we Can Acknowledge God:

A right view of God will lead to a potent worship of God - an acknowledging worship 

A right view of God will lead to a heart and mind that acknowledges God as God and gives Him praise and thanks.

  1. Acknowledge that God reigns

  2. Acknowledge the holiness of God

  3. Acknowledge His commands

  4. Acknowledge God by giving thanks

โ€œHoliness is wild. Holiness is three tornadoes in a row. Holiness is a series of black thunderheads coming in off the bay. Holiness is impolite. Holiness is the kind of darkness to make a sinful man tremble. Holiness beckons us to that darkness, where we do not meet ghouls and ghosts, but rather the righteousness of Godโ€”black righteousness. Holiness is a consuming fire. Holiness melts the world. And when we fear and worship a God like this, what is the result? Gladness of heart. Zion heard, and was glad (v. 8).โ€ Pastor Doug Wilson from sermon on Psalm 97

โ€œO Lord, you will ordain peace for us, for you have indeed done for us all our works.โ€ Isaiah 26:12 

Keep giving thanks. It is befitting for the Christian. It lifts our eyes and our hopes. 


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CDR - Christian Daily Reporter - a Christian news aggregate

Here is the โ€œhate speechโ€ article mentioned in the podcast: https://www.christiandailyreporter.com/instagram-hate-speech.html

Potency of Right Worship Psalm 97 - Doug Wilson, Christ Kirk