SPF 099: The Feminine Design - Part 3 Masculinity & Femininity

We did it! Part 3 in the Feminine Design! Today I invited my husband to discuss some biblical principles of femininity AND masculinity. We talk a bit of culture and land on guiding prinicples of the Word when it comes to what is feminine and masculine and how to live out our roles with enthusiasm and thanksgiving. This is part 3 in a 3 part series.


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Notes and Scripture from the Podcast

Masculinity and Femininity

โ€œGod is the only one that should define anything. God defines everything.

We must submit to the standard that God set forth in His Word.

There we will find definitions and what is right and wrong; we will find clarity and a guide for our feelings.

Man and Woman Catechism for Young Men and Women

What does a man say? Grrrr - sound of strength

Who does a man follow? God

What does a man do? He leads

Man verse: 1 Corinthians 16:13

What does a woman say? Welcome!

Who does a woman follow? God and her man?

What does a woman do? She helps.

Woman verse: Proverbs 31:30

Not exclusive to a man or woman, but priorities.

โ€œAct like menโ€ means there is a biblical way that men are to act.

โ€œWords mean things and ideas have consequences.โ€

โ€œEach culture needs to, with biblical principles, express masculinity and femininity in a godly way.โ€

MEN - What is Masculine?

  • need to be strong

  • need to protect

  • go out and provide

  • husbands are the head of the home (authority) Ephesians 5:23-28

  • Headship

  • Authority in the home - 1 Corinthians 11:3

  • Authority exists to BUILD UP not destruction 2 Corinthians - this benefits the family

  • Ephesians 5 paints the picture of masculinity in authority in the home - sacrifice and responsibility and authority

  • takes responsibility for the whole family

  • responsible for washing wive in the Word

  • takes initiative

WOMEN - What is Feminine?

  • strength comes out of femininity, not trying to be like a man

  • nurturers

  • wives are submissive to their OWN husbands (as to the Lord) Ephesians 5:23-28

  • Help-ship - woman given to man to help!

  • Active submission - doing it on purpose; an attitude and posture toward our husband

  • Husband should have full trust in her (Proverbs 31)

  • Attitude of gratefulness


If you look at culture, feminism is a desire for women to be like men, not be more feminine.

Feminism sees an oppressor and oppressed relationship - cultural marxism

The โ€œoppressedโ€ in the feminist mind is women; women are always oppressed by men and the only way to be free from oppression is to take over men. They do this by taking over menโ€™s roles.

Christian idea of progress and trajectory is restoring back of Godโ€™s definitions.

Feminists want to redefine masculinity as femininity.

Soft Men

1 Corinthians 6:9 - malakoi - softness, weakness = effeminate

If you can redefine something, youโ€™ve already won the argument.

1 John 1:5 - walk in light; live out the Truth; gives fellowship with others; Jesusโ€™ blood purifies us.

What are you doing, my son? What are you doing, son of my womb?
What are you doing, son of my vows?
Do not give your strength to women,
your ways to those who destroy kings.
— Proverbs 31:2-3


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