How to Use Discipleship Plans

What is Discipleship

“Go and make disciples.” - Jesus

Before Jesus ascended into heaven after His resurrection He gives us a command - to make disciples of Him.

Why? So that many would come to know and follow the One True God, that He might be glorified and we might flourish through the forgiveness of sin and transformation of the Gospel working in our life.

Sometimes “making disciples” can make us feel overwhelmed, unqualified, or just stirs up a lot of questions.

Making discipleship of Jesus is “teaching others to obey all that [Jesus] has commanded.” Matthew 28:19

Discipleship plans are a simple to use resource to help direct your time with others as you seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

How to Use a Discipleship Plan

  • Print out the plan or pull up the plan on your phone.
  • Use the discussion questions to start a conversation about the topic.
  • Go through the Scripture verses together and ask questions to understand God and His Word.
  • Discuss the “Take Action” portion together or use it as a “take home assignment” to practice what you’ve learned together.

Watch the video to see How to Use a Discipleship Plan