Discipleship Plans: Foundations

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Discipleship Plans: Foundations


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Get instant access to eight discipleship plans covering foundational principles of growing in Christ:

  • Lordship Plan 1:  What is Lordship?
  • Lordship Plan 2:  Repentance and Belief
  • The Word Plan 1:  The Word of God
  • The Word Plan 2:  How to Spend Time in the Word (Quiet Time)
  • Prayer Plan 1:  What is Prayer?
  • Prayer Plan 2:  Praying with Confidence
  • Fellowship Plan 1:  What is Fellowship?
  • Fellowship Plan 2:  Confronting and Forgiving

These eight mini bible studies are an excellent resource for one on one and group discipleship. Encourage other women to know Jesus through discussion questions and topical Scriptures, or use them for personal study to learn more about foundational principles of growing in Christ.

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Each plan is one page and may be printed or accessed online.

Plans may not be shared via email or distributed.

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