Are you ready to make 2017 more gospel-centered?  Are you thinking this sounds too complex or just another thing to ad to the long list of "change your life" goals for the new year (*ahem that we tend to forget about after January)?

Think again!

If we take a few minutes each day to immerse ourselves in the life-giving, soul-refreshing, God-teaching Scriptures of the Holy Bible, our lives will take a turn for the gospel-centered. Being in the Word of God daily will help us start thinking like theologians, shape our worldview, refresh our weary hearts, give us wisdom for every circumstance, show us how to make disciples, and give us an accurate, awe-filled living picture of the God who Is.

Gospel-centered living puts giving glory to God at the center of all we do. After all, the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever - why be distracted from what makes our souls flourish?

Join the community of women at She Proves Faithful in taking one day at a time to read the Bible. Let's develop and strengthen our Christian worldview; let's be wise and discerning in this crafty world; let's flourish as we live under the grace of God!

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