Episode 19: Cracking the Man Code

These invisible boundaries and cause disrespect to our husbands – even when we didn’t mean to! Today SPF guest Katie Brown is laying down the 411 on this Man Code and giving us some insightful tips to show respect to our men and help our marriages.

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What is the “Man Code?”

Ephesians 5:33 says, “Let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” The “Man Code” not exposing negative or weak things of our husbands in the public sphere. There is a general set of topics that are safe to steer clear of talking about in public. They should be reserved for just you and your husband out of respect for him. There are four areas that men generally like to keep quiet about:

  1. finances
  2. health
  3. feelings
  4. failures

We show great respect to our husbands when we try and understand these sensitive topics that we can avoid in public conversations. Respect is discovering what honors our husbands and what dishonors him. Respecting our husbands actually serve to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Two Solutions for Respecting the Man Code

1. Talk to your husband about the issue in private and come to a resolution

2. Ask for permission from your husband if you want to share that information with someone else

Meet Our Guest: Katie Brown

I am a wife to a runner and mom to one cute red-headed boy named Ace. We live in Savannah, GA. On any given day, I can be found doing social media and training for a local university, recording voice over in my home studio, or taking a quick stroll to the playground, tracking steps and playing hard.
I drink tea daily and play my ukulele as often as possible. I love singing with others, and I live for body-of-Christ community.

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