SPF 036: The Fruit of Repentance: Abundant Living

When there is sin, relationships hurt, fellowship breaks, days are long and grinding. What is the God given solution to sin? Repentance – and repentance is more than saying “sorry” today we are taking about repentance and what it looks like in our everyday living, plus five ways to live a more fruitful life. 


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Repentance literally means to change your mind, to reverse. When we repent we acknowledge our sin before a Holy God. Sin does not honor or glorify God, so turn from walking in sin, so I can receive mercy and grace for my sin and walk in a way the glorifies God.

When we don’t repent, we may be minimizing sin. Here are a few ways:

  • defending
  • faking
  • hiding
  • exaggerating
  • blaming
  • downplaying

Bear Fruit in Keeping with Repentance

The fruit of repentance is holiness – an abundant life in Christ.

Scriptures referenced today:

  • Matthew 3:7-10 Bear fruit in keeping with repentance
  • Psalm 51 – a demonstration of a repentant heart

Five ways to keep repentance and live a flourishing life:

  1. Counteract our sinful tendency to shrink the gospel by constantly pursuing biblical truth (reading and hearing the Word of God)
  2. Develop a bigger view of God’s holiness – by knowing him – try reading Job 38-42
  3. Develop a biblical view of sin – like David did in psalm 51
  4. Recognize when you are minimizing your sin and repent 😉
  5. Repent – just do it!

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