SPF 219: Christian Universalism – Spot the Lie

What is Christian Universalism and how can we spot the lie when it sounds like it holds to many doctrines of the true Christian orthodox faith? Today I’m sharing how to be on the look out for this false teaching and why it matters.

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Christian Universalism

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Spot the Lie: Christian Universalism

Number 1

“Are you saying that people will be saved even if they do not repent and believe.”

“No, only those who repent and confess that Jesus is Lord will be saved – Romans 10:9-10”

The argument is that all people WILL REPENT AND CONFESS that Jesus is Lord and therefore be saved.

Truth: those who God calls will not be able to resist his grace. Who can say no to God? Paul Paul why are you kicking against the goads. God saves people through the repentance of sin and belief in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ His son.

Lie: that one day everyone will repent and believe. This lie allows us to make little of our life and time on earth – what does it matter if I acknowledge or follow God now if eventually I will receive eternal life?

Number 2

“Are you saying Jesus isn’t the only way of salvation?”

“No that would be pluralism.”

Christian universalism teaches that all will eventually be saved through Jesus because Jesus is the savior of all men.

Truth: yes. There is only one way to God the Father which is the forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ.

Lie: all will eventually be saved; even if it’s after death.

Number 3

“Are you saying hell doesn’t exist at all?”

“No, hell is real. Universalist hold that hell is not a place of everlasting moment for the sake of causing endless pain. Instead, hell is understood as restorative punishment inflected for the purpose of bring sinners to recognize their need for Christ.”

Truth: Yes – hell is a real, physical place that exists.

Lie: no where does is say there purpose of hell is for the sake of causing endless pain. The purpose of hell is that we have a JUST AND HOLY God who holds all eternal beings in subjection to his ways. His justice is absolutely good too. he Scripture says that all fall short of the glory of God. The Scriptures say that no one is righteous, not even one. The wages of sin is death. Justice must take place or else God would not be holy or good.

And for the Christian, the justice is done through the death of Jesus Christ. “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24

Justice has happened through Jesus’s suffering, death and victory through his resurrection.

Hell is justice for those who are left without payment for their treason against God. The purpose of hell is eternal punishment for our treason.

Once more, sin being an infinite evil, deserves an infinite punishment. An infinite punishment is no more than it deserves. Therefore such punishment is just, which was the thing to be proved. There is no evading the force of this reasoning, but by denying that God, the sovereign of the universe, is infinitely glorious, which I presume none of my hearers will venture to do.

– Jonathan Edwards

How kind is God that though we deserve to be eternally punished, that He would make a way for us and it cost His son everything. We did nothing and get everything.

There is nowhere in scripture that says hell is just a temporary place to help people turn and repent. Are they under the authority of Jesus in hell. Yes. Are the repentant? No. They can’t be. Hebrews says after death we face judgement.


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