Anxiety Reliever Discipleship Plans

Thank you so much for purchasing the Anxiety Reliever Bible Study. We pray your heart would delight in the Scriptures and be set free from the prison of anxiety.

A major component of She Proves Faithful is to equip and encourage women to pass on what they’ve learned from the Word and teach others how to flourish by following Jesus.

Here you will find some additional resources on how to pass on what you’ve learned in Anchored.

Ideas to Pass on what you’ve learned through Anchored

  • Lead a small group of ladies through the Anchored Bible Study
  • Ask what makes her anxious and pray for her
  • Use a Discipleship Plan (provided below) to search the Scriptures and discuss anxiety with her


Additional Studies on Anxiety

Anchored Mini Study:  Fear of Man

Discipleship Plans on Anxiety

  1. Anxiety Discipleship Plan 1:  A Faith Misplaced
  2. Anxiety Discipleship Plan 2:  The Character of God
  3. Anxiety Discipleship Plan 3:  Take Action (coming soon)

Curious about Discipleship Plans and how to use them? Check out this article to utilize these resources in discipleship relationships and more: