Canon Press Christmas Favorites

Canon Press is a book publisher and I believe half of their books line our shelves. There’s just too many to highlight on the SPF Christmas Favorites List, so here are some great recommendations for the loved ones in your life.

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For Advent
God Rest Ye Merry

Looking for a great advent that makes you think and rejoice at the same time? This is the one! We have read these daily advent readings two different years in our home and I’m always amazed at God’s goodness and full of great joy.

This is a great little devotion to read during the season of advent, starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving!

God Rest Ye Merry



For the Ladies
Radiant – 50 Remarkable women in Church History

If you’ve listened to the SPF Podcast for long, you know I love this book. Richard Hannula is a captivating writing as he engages you with each story of brave godly women.

You will be inspired, encouraged, and spurred on as you learn from this women who shaped our history through the power of Christ.

Great for friends, moms, bible study leaders, high school daughters, college daughters, besties, etc.

Radiant – 50 Remarkable Women in Church History



For the thinker
The Amazing Dr. Ransom’s BeStiary of adorable fallacies

I wouldn’t call fallacies adorable, but there’s an exception: Dr. Randsom’s list of illustrated “fallacies” help us learn and remember common fallacies that try and deceive us. This is called a field guide for clear thinkers and even has companion flash cards.

This is an excellent book for homeschool families or for those wanting to be critical thinkers.

The Amazing Dr. Ransom’s Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies




For the Reformer
Heralds of the Reformation

This year we celebrated 500 years of the Reformation, an unforgettable chapter in church history. This book is much like Radiant, but focused on the time period of the Reformation. Author Richard Hannula is a fantastic story teller and you will be captivated by the bravery of these Reformers.

Heralds of the Reformation




For the Young Adult
Outlaws of Time

Forget the trashy young adult fiction that has captured the heart of Americans – let good story telling re-capture the hearts of your family again!

The Outlaws of Time is just the beginning for Sam Miracle.

Outlaws of Time

Outlaws of Time 2

A great fiction read for adults from Doug Wilson is Evangellyfish




For the Writer

This book will help any writer write better. It’s filled with hot tips to help you become a better writer, communicator, and story teller. I think it’s even helped me with podcasting!





For the Littles
Hello Ninja & Blah Blah

These are short little board books that are hilarious and charming. We have them, we’ve memorized them, and we give them as gifts.

These are great little books to add to your collection – you might even spot them in Starbucks or Target!

Hello Ninja

Blah Blah




For the mom
Fit to Burst & Loving the little years

If we blink, they’ll grow up. Rachel Jankovic authors these two encouraging and uplifting books for the mother of young children’s heart. A sweet and fresh read.

Nancy Wilson (her mother) wrote a book great for grandma’s called, The Silver Lining: A Practical Guide for Christian Grandmothers.

Fit to Burst

Loving the Little Years

The Silver Lining





For the Dad
Future Men

“It is humbling. It’s a practical guide to being a good dad and raising a godly son. It’s forward-thinking fatherhood.” – my husband.

Future Men






For the family
wise words

This is a read-aloud favorite in our house. A book full of great stories all based on a biblical Proverb. That squirrel on the cover? He has a magic walnut which houses a tiny fairy – you’ll have to read all about it to see what chaos and fun occurs!

Wise Words