Spf Christmas Favorite Things

Welcome to the SPF Christmas Favorite things! Here you will find a list of great products to consider for your loved ones this Christmas! (This is kind of like Oprah’s Favorite Things, only I will not have $110 pot pies on this list.)  Plus, many of these lovely businesses are offering SPF listeners exclusive offers to make your Christmas even more merry and bright.



for the book lover and kids
Canon Press Books

Books are always a great gift to find under the tree. But with so many out there – Which Ones?! Our book shelves are filled with Canon Press books from godly reputable authors. There is something for EVERYONE including history, parenting, fiction, kids, Christian living, and more.

Some of my favorites are Radiant – 50 Remarkable Women in Church History by Richard Hannula, God Rest Ye Merry by Doug Wilson, Fit to Burst by Rachel Jankovic, and Blah Blah by N.D. Wilson.

I have so many more, so check out my link below to read all my favorites for that specific someone.

Canon Press is generously offering an exclusive discount to SPF listeners! (Also check out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.)

Get 25% off your purchase from November 28 to December 8!

To browse books go to:  http://canonpress.com/

Use Discount Code: sheprovesfaithful


image from @starkidscompany on Instagram

image from @starkidscompany on Instagram

for the kids
Star from afar

The Christmas Star From Afar is a game that celebrates the TRUE meaning of Christmas!

I’m always on the look out for family-oriented activities at Christmas that put a focus on the arrival of our Messiah, but I get overwhelmed in this busy season trying to put things together and end up not doing much at all.

Then I saw Star From Afar – it’s an interactive game to play with your kids each day that has us looking forward to the birth of Christ on Christmas Day! This will be sure to reconnect children with the true meaning of Christmas.

Creator, Natalie Ard, is generously offering a 10% discount from Tuesday, November 28th – Tuesday, December 2nd.

Go here to purchase: https://starfromafar.com/

Use Discount Code: SPF10


image from AJ Apothecary

image from AJ Apothecary

For the lady
AJ ApothEcary

When it comes to skin care I am always looking for quality products that cleanse and moisturize to the max but aren’t filled with harmful chemicals that will be absorbed quickly into my body. This skin care line from AJ Apothecary is a perfect find with natural masks, deodorants, moisturizers and more.

Right now I’m all about the Moisturizing Deodorant Cream that is sans the bad stuff. The Natural Radiance Mask will make your skin tingle in all the good ways as it exfoliates dry winter skin. And she even has a line of baby skin care products – my favorite being the Mommy’s Kiss. It’s a perfect balm to rub on those boo-boos with healing agents like calendula flower and olive oil.

Amanda from AJ Apothecary is generously offering a 20% discount to SPF listeners! (no expiration)

Go here to purchase: https://www.ajapothecary.com/





For the Family
Bear & Squirrel Prayer Calendar 

Prayer is a gift to set our hearts and minds on things above as we get to know and worship our Creator. It’s also something that is taught – just the like the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. But some days are just rushed and prayer is something I’m not as intentional about with my kids.

Enter this adorable exceptionally made prayer calendar for kids! The graphics are so imaginative and captivating for kids and adults, and each day has a specific topic to pray for someone based on Scripture. Not only will you remember to pray with your kids but you get to teach them Scripture and help them develop a heart for others too!

If you buy calendars – make this one you get!

Bear & Squirrel is offering SPF listeners an exclusive discount for $5 off anything in their online shop!

*To learn more and purchase go to: Bear & Squirrel

Use discount code: SHEPROVESFAITHFUL

* This is an affiliate link – I make a small commission on any sale that helps keep the podcast going. I fully recommend Bear & Squirrel regardless of the program!


My Norwex window cloth and my Pet to Dry kitty towel - my kids are obsessed with.

My Norwex window cloth and my Pet to Dry kitty towel – my kids are obsessed with.


For the home
Norwex Cloths

I started getting serious and thoughtful about the cleaning products after my first daughter was born. I didn’t want her accidentally ingesting chemicals and it couldn’t be good for us to breath it all in. One of my best crunchy-mom friends told me about Norwex cleaning cloths. They have silver embedded in them to disinfect the rags from 99% of germs and bacteria! The microfiber system on the cloths absorbs the bacteria taking them off surfaces – including raw chicken on the kitchen counter!!

I was not a believer at first. Nope. But then my husband got me some Norwex body clothes and I’ve been using them to wipe faces and hands before meals and bedtime – so much easier and cleaner! And now I have the window cloth which gives the most streak-free clear glass with only water – no joke. Best part: MY KIDS CAN CLEAN NOW! With no fear of them spraying themselves in the face with Clorox.

My Top Recommendations:

The Pet To Dry Animal hand towel – it’s germ season and germs need to die when they try to enter our house. My kids aren’t always the most effective hand washers, so the Pet to Dry ensures even more germ free hands after a wash or rinse from the sink.

The Envirocloth – it’s an all purpose cleaning cloth. Mine lives in the kitchen and wipes up all surfaces. Rinse and hang and in 24hours you have a disinfected cloth!

The window cloth – I’ve never seen my windows, mirrors, or glassware (hello hosting!) as crystal clear as when I’ve used the window cloth. And my kids love to use it 🙂

Have questions about a product? Talk to Sarah Ulrich to learn more about Norwex!

To order and find out more info:  http://sarahurich.norwex.biz/en_US/customer/party/2624310

You can buy some Norwex products on Amazon, but the prices are higher than going directly through a consultants page. (For example the Envirocloth is $17.99 direct from Norwex but $24.99 from Amazon. (affiliate link)



Calvin Spurgeon Camp Style Mug - pic from website

Calvin Spurgeon Camp Style Mug – pic from website


For the Theologian
Missional Wear

Missional wear offers some of the coolest reformed wears and accessories out there (as recommended by my husband). From mugs, to insulated tumblers, pint glasses, posters, shirts, and even cutting boards! This is one shop you’ll want to peruse when thinking about the theologian in your life (there’s stuff with a feminine edge for the ladies too).

If you’ve ever wanted to drink from a glass with a theologian on it then your Christmas list dreams are located here.

My husband loves this t-shirt: http://www.missionalwear.com/post-tenebras-lux-lantern-tee

I think this Soli Deo Gloria mug is a perfect mission statement for the SPF Lady: http://www.missionalwear.com/soli-deo-gloria-bistro-mug

To shop: http://www.missionalwear.com




My favorite Knottwisted headband!

My favorite Knottwisted headband!


For the Lady & the Little Lady
MagSoul Headbands

“For the woman who can’t wear headbands.”  I met Mags at a Vintage Whites Market two years ago I passed by her booth of super cute headbands because – I can’t wear headbands! I never look cute in them, they ride up the back of my head and by the time I’m out the door, it’s popped off my head. But she had a sign that promised her headbands were different. I swooped in, tried one on and immediately bought a handful.

The Knottwisted Headbands fit like a dream. They are perfect for those days you can’t get to the hair or help you elevate your style. They are the best companion for trips and make camp-hair, beach-hair, no-shower hair look like a dream. I own three and have given more as gifts!

Mags is so generous! She is GIVING AWAY FIVE of these headbands! Make sure your are following me on Instagram @sheprovesfaithful to hear about the giveway.

She has also generously extended at 20% discount to SPF listeners!

To Purchase Go to:  https://magsoulshop.com/

Use Code: SPF


Image from @courageandbirch Instagram

Image from @courageandbirch Instagram


For the Hearth and Home
Courage & Birch Signs

So when fellow podcaster, Rachel Swanson got the creative itch she started making the most adorable custom signs made from birch wood slices. Her designs are clean and darling – the perfect addition to any hearth or home.

Can’t you just see your family’s name with “Christmas” below it? Darling. Or signs of Christmas cheer? You can request a custom sign or choose from her original designs ready to order on her Etsy shop.

Rachel is generously giving SPF listeners an exclusive 10% discount starting November 20th through November 27th.

To purchase go to:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/courageandbirch

Use Code:  SPF10


image from Grace and Lace website

image from Grace and Lace website


For the Lady
Grace & Lace

Layering is one of the best parts about fall and winter. I’ve learned over the years that doesn’t just mean coat over sweater over shirt. There are blanket scarves and ponchos and even shirt extenders that add sweetness and style without adding lots of things to your wardrobe.

Two Christmas’s ago I was gifted a Grace & Lace lace extender and it has been the most versatile piece to my wardrobe. I wear it under shirts, flannels, sweaters – you name it! It helps extend my tops for a little extra coverage and adds a fashionable layer.

My favorite piece: The Scalloped Lace Top Extender (I have it in white and black!)

*Use this link and save 20% off your purchase when you sign up with your email: Grace & Lace

* 20% off is through their refer a friend program – you get 20% when I refer you and so do I! You can sign up too! More info on their website.




For the Hearth and Home
Sheep Farm Felt – Wool Garland

I think every woman loves a pop of color in a room and these little wool pom pom garlands bring the festive. I am so in love that I have four garlands for different seasons and have gifted them too. Megan, the creator of these sweet garlands, has her own little flock and does custom color orders too!

It gets better! You can order these directly from Megan’s Etsy shop or she has a few classic garlands listed on Amazon. #prime These are great for mantles, tree trimmings, nurseries, party decorations, or anything that just needs a little pop. These say home to me.

Find Sheep Farm Felt on Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SheepFarmFelt

*Find Sheep Farm Felt on Amazon: Merry and Bright Garland

* Amazon link is an affiliate link – I make a small commission if you click or buy the product through my link




For the DIY
Plant therapy Essential oils

There’s a whole bandwagon to jump on with essential oils but maybe you’re not ready to commit to the “oily life.” (raising hand) Plant Therapy to the rescue! This online essential oil shop has strict standards to help get costumers pure and safe essential oils. They even have a KidSafe line already diluted for our little ones!

Plant Therapy oils are affordable, they carry great gift packages and accessories, they offer free shipping, and run some great Christmas specials. They even have winter blends to make your house smell especially festive!

Some great uses:

Tea Tree oil – antibacterial – I put it in my homemade cleaning solutions, laundry, and you can use it to treat ouchies (dilution is important and follow a recipe) Organic Tea Tree oil is less than $8!!

Lavender – aromatic for the house, use it for ear infections (diluted, used outside the ear and use recipe), and laundry and dryer balls

Germ Fighter – this is a blend from Plant Therapy. I put it on our humidifier when people are sick, I diffuse it in the bathroom, and have it diluted in a carrier oil as a protective moisturizer. 

Deal: Sign up for their email list and get $10 off a $25 purchase! Also you’ll get notified of their great deals (past two years they ran a 25 day’s of Christmas special – every day a different deal).

To learn more or to purchase: https://www.planttherapy.com




For the Hostess
Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

I don’t know much about Chip and Joanna Gaines (have yet to see a show), however, just from a little visit to their new collection at Target – they seem like the know what they are doing. Not only are their offerings down home, cozy, and really cross-seasonal, they are priced so well. Like shockingly well when I heard in comparison what things cost at their Magnolia Mecca store.

I picked up this sweet 2017 bell ornament that is timeless and classy for only $4.99 and a pair of cozy yet sophisticated potholders – 2 for $5.99. If you need a hostess gift, these are sure to bless. Or if you are looking for little gifts that make a big impact, shop this collection.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target: Shop Here


Image from seedsheets.com

Image from seedsheets.com


For the Start-up Homesteader
Seed Sheets

This year I was inspired to finally start my garden from seed. It took me four years, a lot of You Tube videos, and a couple of garden classes to get up the courage plant a garden from seed in my back yard. Too bad I didn’t know about Seed Sheets first!!

I saw Seed Sheets on Shark Tank and immediately knew it was a win after all my prep and research. For just $14.99 you can get a seed sheet for your porch and grow your own salad greens, herbs, and taco fixings! What makes this a win is that it comes with a weed barrier which also doubles to keep soil more hydrated.

This is such a fun and educational gift! If it’s too cold to plant right now in your region, consider growing indoors next to a south facing window! Kids will get to watch their food grow (and you won’t forget to water it.  😉

To learn more and to purchase: http://www.seedsheets.com/

Deal: If you subscribe to their email list you can get a 10% off coupon.


image from @birchbox on instagram

image from @birchbox on instagram


For the Beauty
Birch Box

Birch Box is a subscription service beauty box that comes with 5 samples of fun products to try. My husband bought me a year subscription for Christmas last year and it is SO fun to get every month. It’s better than a magazine because it feels like a present. If you don’t love  product there’s no budget crisis.

I have loved the fragrance samples, trying different blushes and dry shampoos and mascaras. While sometimes you can choose from a few samples to put in your box, the best part is the surprise each month.

You can get one box, three, six, or a year!

To learn more and purchase:  www.birchbox.com



image from @battlbox on Instagram

image from @battlbox on Instagram


For the Beast

Every month my Birchbox comes in, my husband says how cool it would be to have something like that for a guy. Well, here it is! Battlbox. Now there are subscription grooming services, but Battlbox is definitely more an outdoor, survivor manly box. While we haven’t had the Battlbox delivered to our house yet, it just might be on someone’s Christmas list this year.

This subscription service must be canceled when you are done receiving boxes. All the info and FAQs can be found on their website.

To learn more and purchase: https://www.battlbox.com/