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This year I want to help you treasure the Word of God by giving you quick in useful methods and tips through these little bit sized podcasts, plus link to my most helpful resources.

Check back every other month for a special podcast just for you with a new tip, method, or resource!

Want a free Bible Reading Plan?

Download my 2019 SPF Plan and read a chapter a day.



To Do:

  1. Listen to the mini podcast

  2. Make a Bible Reading Plan

  3. Make observations when you read (podcast explains this)

  4. Check out my recommended resources

No. 1: LISTEN TO THE SPF In The Word PODCAST Episode 1: Reading

  • Learn the best way to develop consistent Bible reading time

  • Get my number 1 tip for getting the most out of Bible reading


Episode 1 Notes:

“I have not departed from the commandment of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion of food.” Job 23:12

Part of treasure God’s Word is reading it. Scriptures are described as honey – sweet drippings of the honey comb – – and our daily bread – we need to EAT THE WORD. It is our nourishment, our sustenance, we need it as much as we need physical food! (Deuteronomy 8)

Reading is like EATING the Word.

Each day eat.

Feast as much as you can.

This is not about how much to read in a day or checking it off, but FEASTING ON THE WORDS OF LIFE!


  1. Have a plan (where you are going to read in the Bible – get a Bible reading plan in reading resources below, and when you will read the Bible)

  2. Make observations as you read the text

No. 2: Make a Plan

  • Choose a Bible Reading Plan or follow my chapter-a-day plan starting in Genesis (Get it here)

  • Decide when you are going to read your Bible each day (morning, at breakfast, before bed, etc)

  • Get a journal or notebook to write down your daily observations.

No. 3: Make Observations

Observations are a great way to understand the Bible. To make an observation, simply read the Scripture text and ask yourself “what does it say?”

Get a journal or notebook to write down your observations

Some observations examples to write down:

  • People, genealogies, places

  • When God speaks, makes a command, provides, does a miracle

  • When people obey, disobey

  • When you see God’s salvation or promise for future salvation in Christ

  • Things you think are interesting or encouraging or provide wisdom

No. 4: Bible Reading Resources

There are lots of Bible reading resources out there to help you as you read the Word of God.

Check out this list of my favorite resources to help you treasure the Word by READING:

More Coming Soon