About she proves faithful

She Proves Faithful exists for women

  • who are thirsty for Truth
  • who have questions about the Bible
  • who want to become more wise and discerning in the midst a cunning culture
  • who want to grow in faith and spiritual maturity
  • who want to obey Jesus and make disciples but need encouragement, resources, and ideas on what to do
  • who like to laugh and love to learn

All of life is worship (Colossians 3:17) and we are on a journey of making God's Name great (Psalm 105:1) as we love and obey Him with our whole lives (Deuteronomy 6:5). She Proves Faithful teaches a biblical worldview to help women live gospel centered lives, living in freedom and honoring Jesus as King.

Truth and encouragement to live gospel-centered lives every day.

About the Founder

Hello there - I'm Lauren, the founder of She Proves Faithful.

I started dreaming of She Proves Faithful in 2014 after giving a little talk at a Women's Training Day at my church on the importance of reading the Word of God. As I watched women feverishly scribble down some practical tools, I realized the need to encourage my friends in their faith to help them live in freedom and to the glory of God (#discipleship). As a mom with (at the time) a young baby, I knew I didn't have time to meet with everyone, so I created She Proves Faithful to be catalog of resources to help women grow and flourish.

Some quick facts:

  • I learned to read the Bible while at Florida State University (go noles!) with a campus ministry called The Navigators - it.changed.everything.
  • Two days after my first date with my now husband, my apartment burned down. Yep. My pink puffy vest survived - and I still wear it.
  • I married the love of my life and less than a year later I had open heart surgery to replace my pulmonary valve. I am a congenital heart survivor.
  • We have two adorable children and a cat . . . and ducks. Seriously. They give us eggs.
  • I'm a pastor's wife - that was totally unexpected - it's been a humbling, exciting journey to support my husband in this role.
  • I can cook a chicken 50 ways, but most of them involve a crockpot.
  • I will eat cookies for breakfast. Correction. I do eat cookies for breakfast.
  • I rarely buy things at full price. No no no, not when there could be a coupon somewhere. I even negotiated the price on patio chairs at an Ace Hardware once.
  • I love holding a microphone, so that's why I podcast.
  • Champagne is the new wine

I would seriously love to connect - so drop me a line lauren at sheprovesfaitful.com or find me on instagram!


SPF Podcast

I like Truth. I like being practical. I like to laugh. Put it all together and what do you get?  The She Proves Faithful Podcast!

The SPF Podcast is all about discipling women with the Truth of the Gospel so we can prove faithful in all the Lord has given us to do.

  • 30 minutes
  • listen why you cook dinner, wash dishes, drive your commute
  • practical tips and ideas to live out the gospel
  • relevant topics
  • grace + truth

Listen here or go to iTunes! And don't forget to leave a review to help other women access gospel-centered content!


Lauren loves to share the Truth of God's Word and it's practical application to life. If you are interested in having Lauren speak at your women's event, conference, or lead a workshop, just send an inquiry through the contact page for more information and pricing.