SPF 105: The Geneology of Christ + The Meaning of Christmas

Abraham was the father of Isaac, and Isaac the father of Jacob, and Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers - what is significant about the genealogy of Christ and how does it teach us about the meaning of Christmas?


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The Genealogy of Christ

The first verse in Matthew 1 is

โ€œThe book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.โ€

In Greek it says something more along the lines of:

Bible of the Genesis of Jesus Christ.


This is the book of the beginning of Jesus Christ.

Genesis, the first book of the Bible starts with how God brought about the world and mankind, and Matthew, the first book of the New Testament starts with how God brought about the birth of Jesus through a whole family history.

That history was God at work from the beginning to bring about his promises.

5 ways the genealogy of Christ matters

  1. The genealogy of Jesus shows that Jesus came into a fallen world

  2. The genealogy of Jesus shows that Jesus came to save Jews and Gentiles

  3. Jesusโ€™ genealogy is traced back 4,000 years to Adam

    1. 1 corinithans 15:45 Romans 5:12-18

  4. Jesusโ€™ genealogy is traced to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob

  5. Jesusโ€™ Genealogy is traced to King David

    1. 2 Samuel 7:12-13 Isaiah 9

The Genealogy of Christ tells meaning of Christmas

First - it means that God keeps His promises.

  • God made big promises to bring about a Savior, a Messiah that would deliver people from their sins, and a King who would reign forever

  • We can see how God preserved a line of people throughout history to fulfill His promises

  • When we read name after name after name in Scripture, we are reading Godโ€™s faithfulness. He is faithful to do what He said He would do.

Second, the Genealogy of Christ means that the Light of the World has come.

  • The openings of Matthew and Luke show us that indeed the Light of the Word has come  into the darkness to bring light and life to our hearts.

  • John 8:12 [ I Am the Light of the World ] Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, โ€œI am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.โ€


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First Adam, last Adam - https://creation.com/first-adamlast-adam

Why Genealogies of Christ is Important: https://answersingenesis.org/answers/biblical-authority-devotional/why-are-the-genealogies-of-christ-important/

Why the genealogies different in Matthew and Luke: https://creation.com/jesus-genealogies

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