SPF 110: What Do We Do When We Don't Like Something in the Bible

What do we do when we get to those Bible passages that we maybe don’t agree with? Maybe we don’t understand them, or maybe we have a hard time embracing them. Today I’m going to talk about how we can prove faithful when it comes to tackling the problems we face with these passages.  

What do we do when we don’t like something in the Bible?


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God’s Word is the Standard of Truth

God’s Word is the standard of truth.

It’s how we know what is good, right, beautiful, MORAL, immoral, evil. 

We cannot use culture to define these things for us.

What is moral in culture right now may be immoral decades later.

So what about the passages that are hard for us. That we don’t like? OR that we don’t agree with?

Do they exist. Yes. For everyone. Because we are still in the flesh even if we are saved. There are still rebellious parts of our hearts.

The Problem: There is a war on God’s Word. 

There are enemies of the word and a battle to uphold human tradition, reasoning, and opinion rather than the authority of God’s Word in the Bible.

Who are these enemies? 

Well, there are some obvious ones - those who do not believe in God and are not saved. You can see leaders of thought and law in our countries that set themselves up against the God. 

So are the saved, the redeemed, the adopted sons and daughters of God. the flesh still wars against the spirit. RC Sproul said that Even conversion doesn’t cure immediately this deeply rooted hatred of God’s Word. 

Every day is a struggle for the believer to accept the whole counsel of God. 

So what do we do?

First know that is is part of sanctification. 

If we are recognizing we don’t agree with the Word or do not want to submit - praise God for His work in our heart to acknowledge this.

  1. We need to grow in our understanding of God’s Word so much more. We scratch the surface, but are we looking to understand. 

    • RC says mare those passages and study them for 10 years and see if your heart changes.

  2. Ask yourself why you’re struggling with a passage?

    • Is it because of culture saying something different than God, personal sin that’s being called out by that passage, are you dealing with a situation where believing God’s truth would make relationships difficult

We will inevitable fight against the word at times in our life because of the flesh at war with the spirit.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

But this crossroad is an opportunity! When we find ourselves hostile to parts of the Word, it is a mirror to our soul - it is so revealing!

We can prove faithful in times where we come up against passages that are hard for us, by humbling ourselves to the wonderful, wise and holy God who has given us the gift of his word, and studying it when we don’t understand, and evaluating our own reasons of resistance.

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RC Sproul sermon (may expire after a certain time): https://renewingyourmind.org/2019/01/24/this-means-war

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By Joel R Beeke Ph.D.