SPF 089: God's Plan for Family - Part 1

Why do families exist? What is God's plan for the family? Answering these questions provide a foundational understanding to God's plan of reaching the ends of the earth with His salvation. Parents are not spiritual delegation centers, but parent led discipleship centers. In this two part series we will learn God's plan for the family and how to practically turn your home into a hub of gospel-centered discipleship.


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God's Plan for Family

God's plan for the family is throughout Scripture. It teaches us so much about our roles and responsibilities as women and disciple-makers.

Genesis 1-3 - shows us God's plan from the very beginning: to fill the earth with people who worship and love God

Genesis 6-9 - shows us God's plan reiterated - fill the earth with people who worship and love God

Genesis 15 - God's promise to Abraham is about future generations of people more numerous than the stars in the sky who worship and love God

Deuteronomy 6 - God's people are about to go into the promise land and they are given a sermon on the covenantal law reminded them of God and His plan - which happens to be for people to love God and worship Him and for people to teach their kids to love God and worship him, and gives a way to do this.

Malachi 2 - God rebukes His people for flippant divorce because it impacts His desire for godly offspring!

Malachi 4 - God makes a promise before 400 years of silence to come and turn the hearts of fathers to their children.

Matthew 28:19-20 - Jesus gives the final command to "Go and make disciples."

The Great Commandment in Genesis 1 (be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it) lines up with the Great Commission to make disciples.

Make disciples = be fruitful and multiple 

Of all nations - fill the earth

Teach them to obey - subdue it

โ€œBeing great commission Christians begins in your house. Every little child given to us is an opportunity to make disciples.โ€ 

- Dr. Rob Reinow


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