SPF 098: The Feminine Design - Part 2 Feminism

Feminism is a women’s liberation movement that extends through centuries and is currently as loud and prominent as ever. Today we are going to discuss three characteristics of feminism and it’s impacts on the Christian woman. This is part 2 in a 2 or 3 part series.


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Feminine Design - Feminism

Three characteristics of feminism and it’s impacts on the Christian woman

Number 1: Feminism rejects God and His design for women

One of the problems with feminism is that it rejects the design of God. Rebecca Merkle writes, “Feminism resents the mere suggestion that women have a different role than men.” It feels like a blow or insult to hear we are different, that we as woman and are designed for a specific purpose.

The differences between man and women are not about superiority, or favorites, or inequality. As Christians we can see what God has made and agree that it is good. And When we say God made men and women differently, it is good.

G.K. Chesterton poem:

“If I set the sun beside the moon,

And if I set the land beside the sea,

And if I set the flower beside the fruit,

And if I set the town beside the country,

And if I set the man beside the woman,

I suppose some fool would talk 

About one being better.”

Let Me Be A Woman

“What sort of world might it have been if Eve had refused the Serpent’s offer and had said to him instead, “Let me not be like God. Let me be what I was made to be — let me be a woman.”

-Elisabeth Elliot, Let Me Be a Woman

Number 2: Feminism rejects boundaries set forth by design

 “Design matters. The intent of the design matters. And we as God’s creatures are designed by Him to fulfill a particular role.” - Rebecca Merkle

Because God designed us for a specific purpose there are fixed limits on the feminine nature.

The world will tell us this is oppressive - this is some glass ceiling created by the patriarchy - that there is nothing woman cannot do and accomplish and become. We need to be weary of these messages.

Feminism has done a good job promoting ideas that women who stay at home are not living to their full potential. We have been sold this idea for decades that we are made for more than just a home or a kid or two.

As Christians we are called to turn a profit on the things God has given us - let’s not bury our roles and responsibilities because something else looks or the grass is greener on the other side. Our Christians roles and responsibilities may be hard work but it’s good work and the boundaries are wide to create and design and explore and conquer.

Number 3: Feminism wants divorce choice from consequence 

One of the biggest tragic ramifications today is the fact that feminism has sought freedom of choice without the consequences. Specifically feminism has wanted to unhitch sex with God’s design to bare children. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, changed the either/or dilemma. She effectively shared her message that we can divorce sex from being a wife and mother. This was seen as an emancipation from a woman’s biology. In other words, freedom from God’s design. 

Bottom line -  It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair for women to bear the burden of motherhood. Women needed liberation.

Her first abortion clinic opened in 1916. 

This was really a rally cry to have equal rites of immorality.

The truth about sex and our design is that God made sex to be a blessing in marriage for pleasure, connection, and also for procreation because one of God’s purposes is for men and women to fill the earth. Feminism has clearly and forcefully declared that children are a burden and not a blessing, and that the biology of a woman has nothing to do with our roles.

Trajectory Matters

The last thing I want to say about feminism is that sometimes there are things feminists and Christians agree on. The what is common ground. ere is the big thing I learned - the what may be the same for a feminist and a Christian. But the why and how are different. Therefore the trajectory is different. 

The why and how drive trajectory. 

As a Christian, our how and why are based on what God has revealed to us in His Word about His purposes and roles and designs for us. His loving and good commands help us know right from wrong and good from bad, wise and unwise.

God has made women for a reason. As a woman you have purpose, and that purpose is good and lovely and beautiful. It is fulfilling and glorifying to God. And you have inherent value in you femininity. God made male and female. And both are glorious and valuable. God said it was not good for man to be alone and so he made a helper suitable for Adam. He made woman. The last thing He created. and it was very good.

Think through this:

What is the definition of progress for a feminist? What is the definition for a Christian woman?

Trajectory Matters.


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By Elisabeth Elliot