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Welcome to the She Proves Faithful podcast!

This podcast is a woman’s guide to gospel-centered practical living. It will encourage you and spur you on to make Jesus the center of all we do.

Today’s podcast dives into what the SPF podcast will deliver to you! Plus you’ll hear how I survived a poop-nado in the car.

Life Hack – Keeping Herbs Fresh

Looking for a money-saving life hack that keeps your cooking game on point?

Try keeping your tender herbs fresh in the fridge with this method for up to two weeks!on how to keep fresh herbs fresh for up to two weeks!

To keep herbs fresh, make a herb bouquet in the fridge using a glass of water and a plastic bag.


  1. Take your fresh herbs, leave them unwashed, and cut off the bottom inch of the stems. I just lay the whole bunch on a cutting board and in one slice with a chef’s knife, the ends are off. 
  2. Then fill a sturdy tall cup with water – enough water for your herbs stems to rest in
  3. Place your trimmed herbs inside the glass container
  4. Take a gallon plastic zip lock bag, or even the produce plastic bag from the grocery store and cover the top of the herbs
  5. Place on a shelf in the fridge where it won’t get knocked over easily
  6. When you are ready to use some herbs, remove the plastic bag, and snip off what you need, and give them a wash. Return the plastic bag and keep the rest of you rherbs fresh at your disposal.
  7. If the water starts to discolor, just dump the water and add fresh water.

This technique works with tender herbs like  cilantro, parsley, dill, mint, and tarragon.

Get pictures and more information about herb storage here:


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