Episode 2: How to Maximize your Living Space (through trust and contentment)

  • Do you struggle with the size of your home?
  • Do you find yourself thinking you need more?
  • Do you hold on to things because you might need it . . . in ten years?
  • Is it difficult for you to let go of things?

Today’s show is all about trusting God and practicing contentment with the living space He’s provided for us. Plus, you’ll get three practical tips on how to live with less and still lived blessed.

  • God is the Provider – He provides for us. We are not lacking with God.
  • Letting go of stuff helps keep our hearts in check
  • Jesus is the only thing that satisfies

Three Tips to Maximize Your Living Space:

  1. Declutter
  2. Give everything a “home”
  3. For gifts, consider purchasing memberships and trips instead of things

Life Hack

Cut down on clutter and freshen up your home decor! Change out pictures in your picture frames and leave old picture in the frame behind the new picture. It keeps them safe from being bent, ruined, or lost, and you can showcase it again whenever you’d like!

Change out pictures to keep home decor fresh!

Change out pictures to keep home decor fresh!

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