Episode 3: Sharing Your Story: How and Why to Share Your Testimony

You have a story to tell. One of God’s redemptive work in your life. How do you share and five reasons why you should share it on this podcast! Plus Life Hack: How to maximize space in bathrooms by adding an inexpensive way to store towels.

Simple Method to Sharing Your Story:

Start with the BEFORE

  • What was your life like before Jesus transformed you (before you were a Christian, or before you were free from a struggle or from guilt or shame)
  • What was the biggest struggle?
  • What are some things you tried to do to be free of your struggle? Why did they not work?

Next, explain the HOW

  • How did Jesus transform your life?
  • What did He use to get your attention?
  • What was a key moment, experience, verse, person in this story?

Finally, explain the NOW

  • How is your life different now?
  • Explain a bit of the transformation?
  • How does your new way of living, your new freedom, your new etc, impact your day to day living?

Write it out!

There’s nothing like practicing to help our stories of transformation be communicated with passion, intention, conviction, and also with clarity. Then practice your story over and over so you become so comfortable with it, that your stories of Jesus’s work in your life are a part of your conversations.




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