Episode 8: Three Communication Tips for Marriage Conflict

Is conflict in a marriage ok? How can we use conflict to draw us closer to our husbands instead of using it as a repellent? Today we have three communication tips when things get a little heated in marriage.

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I used to be embarrassed to admit that my husband and I experienced conflict here and there in our marriage, like we were different or something was wrong. But the truth is I am a sinner who married a sinner and conflict is a guarantee. The mark of a gospel-centered marriage is not the absence of conflict but the presence of repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Now that is a marriage that points the world to God, and kindles that closeness and intimacy we crave.

We are only 5 years into forever with our marriage but we’ve learned a few valuable communication tips that work for us when we have conflict. These have given us a safer space to communicate with each other even when the tensions are high.

Three Communication Tips for Marriage Conflict

Tip 1: Never use the word “divorce” in conflict, especially as a threat.

Tip 2: Stay away from using absolutes like “always” and “never.” (Ex: “You ALWAYS leave your clothes on the floor.”)

Tip 3: Be quick to repent and ask for forgiveness.

This episode dives into each of these tips and will encourage you with Truth from God’s Word.

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I highly recommend this study for married couples and small groups!

Transforming Intimacy – Voddie Baucham MP3

When it comes to marriage and family relationships, we encourage friends to check out Voddie Baucham’s message on Transforming Intimacy. (Note: This talk is from a homeschool conference 😉 but his message about submission and love and sacrifice and respect is the best I’ve ever been taught from Ephesians 5.)

You can purchase the MP3 from Resounding Voice for $4.




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