Episode 10: Surrender: How Much is All?

Jesus Gave it All, should we give it all too? We are talking bread and fish and not holding back even the crumbs of our lives. 

Today is all about everyone’s favorite topic: surrender.

Yep. Less of us, and more of Jesus.

Today’s Resources and Scripture Readings

Elisabeth Elliot’s Passion and Purity

Luke 9:10-17 Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Luke 9:23-25 Take up your Cross and Follow Jesus

The Pathway to Surrender

  1. Ask the Lord to reveal the things you’re withholding
  2. Repent when he reveals it to you
  3. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you keep those things submitting to the authority of Christ.  

Get Passion and Purity (affiliate link)

This book is the incredible story of Elisabeth and Jim Elliot submitting one of the most difficult things to the Lord: love.

Elisabeth tells her story of passion (yes) and purity through her friendship and courtship with her first husband Jim. There is no other love story (except for mine 😉 that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Elisabeth helps women uncover what is really going on underneath the wily, sly, and fickle emotions and feelings and thoughts when a man catches our eye, and heart.

I recommend this book for single women, or women meeting with single women.


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