Episode 12: Bringing God Glory Through God-Centered Living

We are created to bring God glory with our lives! How then can we be good stewards of our lives? Today we are talking about five ways to lead a gospel-centered life to live in freedom as we glorify the God of all creation. And how this includes work, raising children, and even having backyard ducks. 

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Show Notes

Five ways to live a more God-centered life from The Gospel Coalition’s article by Josh Moody. (Read the article here: Five Ways to Live a God-Centered Life)

1.  Immerse yourself in the all-sufficient wonder of the God who is.
2.  Commit to a local Bible-teaching church.
3.  Forgive, fear, fight.
4.  Pursue the unfashionable virtues.
5.  Use your mind.

Scripture References

Colossians 1:15-23

Isaiah 40

Job 40 – 42

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