Episode 16: Q & A God is For His Glory

Today is a special edition of the SPF Podcast! My husband, Andy Hlushak, has graciously accepted my invitation to answer my questions on the SPF podcast. I always have questions and my husband does an excellent job bringing me to the Word and answering with humility, wisdom, and grace.

Today’s question is all about God’s glory – Does God love His glory more than He loves us?

Things that make you go wwaaaaaah??

You’re probably wondering how I ever thought of such a question. Well, it started with a John Piper book and here we are.

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God and His Glory – Resources

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals

This question came from John Piper’s book “Brothers We Are Not Professionals.” This book is a great resource for Pastors or any person really 😉 It is recommended by my husband and can be purchased on Amazon. *This is an affiliate link.

Scriptures Used

Isaiah 48:9-11

Psalm 23:3

Psalm 25


Great book about worship and idolatry. We quote the author, Mike Wilkerson, about being creatures created to worship and we can’t shut that worship off – ever. We are like water hoses that are always on full blast and we can’t turn off the water (worship) but we can choose where we point the water: finances, our children, our future, Jesus, etc.


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