Episode 20: Advent – How Then Shall We Live?

Christmas is here bringing good cheer! Advent is all about celebrating the anticipated arrival of the Messiah but we also are currently anticipating the arrival of Christ again! How then should we live each day anticipating the day when Christ returns? We are talking about battle armor, Lordship, shopping, and Facebook and three ways to practice this anticipation.

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New City Church Sermon – Now is the Time by Aaron Carlson



Romans 13:11-14

Ephesians 2:8-10

Ephesians 4:17-24

Three Ways to Practice Living with Advent in Mind

1. Teach your children or a friend at church the truth about sin. Read Romans 13:11-14 and discuss it with each other. Ask questions about each verse.
2. Repent of your sin – if you know there are sins you make provisions for, if you know there are areas of darkness you are holding on to, repent and turn from those things and believe that God has forgiven you to walk in a manner worthy of Him
3. Fight sin with a friend – expose your weaknesses to a friend to help you fight sin together. Let her pray for you and encourage you with truth. My friend Lindsay helped me in the social media area – I told her my struggle a couple years ago and she did not excuse it – like ooh that’s hard for everyone. But she acknowledged it took my focus away from the Lord. She told me the truth of how that must change my day when I am distracted from God and she prayed for me.

Resources for You

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Chat Books

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God Rest Ye Merry – the advent book we are reading with our family this year.


God is in the Manger – another great book we have used for advent in past years.


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