Episode 23: Christmas Traditions & Holy Day Holidays

There’s nothing like a little fireside chat discussing our warm winter wishes. Today is a special episode where my husband and I invite you into the background of our Christmas traditions, what makes this holiday a holy day, and discuss the forgotten line in Joy to the World. It’s festive, it’s fun, it’s a Christmas spectacular podcast. 

Fireside Chat with Andy Hlushak

Discover some of our childhood Christmas traditions and what we are doing with our family now and learn a great way to form opinions and traditions by some learned wisdom from an old guy with a sweet mustache. This really is such a fun, cheery Christmas episode. We hope you laugh a lot and learn about the JOY given to this world.

Tree Bark Recipe!

Now I want you to know, I was making this long before Miss Trisha Yearwood posted this but she’s got a little video and great instructions – so take it away Trisha! Here’s the recipe for the toffee bark (sans graham crackers -ew Andy).

My TWO changes – don’t use a whole cup o brown sugar. You just need 3/4 cup. Save at least one tooth from a cavity this Christmas. Good luck to all the others! 😉 And sprinkle some chopped walnuts on top to balance the sweet.

Make 2017 More Gospel-Centered

This is something you don’t want to miss – making 2017 more gospel-centered. Let’s get into the Word every day this year. . . together!

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