Episode 28: Hope for the Disappointed Heart

Disappointment is the pits. What do we do when we face missed expectations, failed dreams, unmet desires, or when God simply says, “no.” Today we are discussing the hope in disappointment, what disappointment can turn into left unchecked, and 5 ways to help a disappointed heart. 

Disappointment is a tool in the hand of the Lord:

  1. exposes our sin
  2. builds our faith (and blows up the carnal worldview)

5 Things To Help a Disappointed Heart

  1. Put your hope in God
  2. Believe in God’s Plan
  3. Give your burdens to the Lord
  4. Practice Thanksgiving
  5. Repent of Sin and Believe the Nature of God (according to Scripture)

Favorite verses to help with Disappointment

  • Psalm 42:11
  • Isaiah 55:5-9
  • Psalm 55:22
  • Psalm 79:13
  • Psalm 73
  • Ephesians 1
  • Ephesians 3

Please Pray

Please pray for my friend’s Kyle and Katherine and their son. For continued hope, and perseverance and for healing for their son.

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