SPF 038: A Sacrifice of Praise – Cultivating a Thankful Heart

Giving thanks to God might roll of the tongue when the heart is joyful – like   when He answers those long awaited prayers with a yes, or when your kids play together without fights or fits, or when those shoes are on super final clearance and they are your size. But what about on the days when God says no, or your kids are a hot mess, or you can’t find two matching shoes anywhere in your house? How do we cultivate a thankful heart at all times and how do we teach our children? Today is packed with Scripture and four ways to cultivate a thankful heart.

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Wisdom says: Be Thankful!

Ephesians 5:15-20 – Ways to walk in wisdom includes being thankful mentioned three times in this passage:

  1. Understand what the Lord’s will is – to give thanks 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 1 Peter 2:9
  2. Make melody in our hearts to God – rejoice because God is good James 1:17
  3. We give thanks always and for everything – it’s a sign of our faith Hebrews 13:15

Why can we Continually Praise God?

“We have all His wondrous works to praise Him for and that will give us plenty of material to fill our hearts with thanksgiving.” – Nancy Wilson, Virtuous

“The believer who is in a spiritually healthy state rejoices mainly in God himself; he is happy because there is a God, and because God is in his person and character what he is. All the attributes of God become well-springs of joy to the thoughtful, contemplative believer; for such a man says within his soul, “All these attributes of my God are mine: his power, my protection; his wisdom, my guidance; his faithfulness, my foundation; his grace, my salvation.” He is a God who cannot lie, faithful and true to his promise; he is all love, and at the same time infinitely just, supremely holy. Why, the contemplation of God to one who knows that this God is his God for ever and ever, is enough to make the eyes overflow with tears, because of the deep, mysterious, unutterable bliss which fills the heart.” – Charles Spurgeon

Check Out Charles Spurgeon’s sermon on Joy HERE

Fruits of a Thankful Heart

  1. Cheerfulness Proverbs 15:13
  2. Eternal Perspective Hebrews 13:14-15
  3. Peace Philippians 4:6-7
  4. God Centered Living Psalm 100:2 Isaiah 66:5

Four Ways to Cultivate a Thankful Heart

  1. Model thankfulness to your children and friends
  2. Praise God for answered prayers
  3. kd
  4. Serve

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Virtuous – Nancy Wilson

This is a great little devotional book for ladies. The short chapters cover christian virtues and are succinct and challenging. A great little bed time book to help us focus on God before we shut our eyes. I read parts from the chapter on Gratitude in this episode.

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