SPF 047: Dealing With Sin in our Children

It’s not secret our children sin. But how do we respond to their sinful nature as their mothers? How do we not grow wearing in their instruction? Today is all about three motivations behind why we should desire to help our children in the area of sin. And it’s not so we can finish a whole cup of coffee without a single reheat.

This is Part 1 in a two part series.

Life Hack

For camping, for picnics, for lunches, get rid of those blue-filled-goo-filled frozen things. Buy some water bottles, freeze them, and use them as the ice packs for your coolers. That way you can drink the water as they defrost. Double use!

The SHORT Book

Arthur Hildersham gave three sermons about dealing with sin in our children and it’s all in a little book. It’s filled with wisdom and biblical Truth to help us diligently instruct and teach our children and deal with their sin – the very thing that separates them from God!

Our Motivation to Deal with Sin in our Children

1. In regard for our children – We are motivated to deal with their sin out of compassion for their eternal soul and for their joy in the Lord. For their is no one on earth who a child is more connected with, than his or her parents.

2. In regard for ourselves – Our souls should be greatly distressed at the condition of our children’s souls. So it is a comfort and a peace that we share and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ask Him to open their eyes- to see their nature healed of and saving grace covering their souls.

3. Out of duty to God – We have an authority, one whom we are accountable to. He’s given us quite the trust – precious children. But not only has He given us a trust but a charge concerning our children:   that they are born to us from God and for God therefore God has charged us educate them and bring them up for His glory.

Mamas need to be Good Forgivers

We have to remember Ephesians 4:32 as much as they do “Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

We need to be good forgivers and we need to be faithful diligent mothers to keep believing God’s good Truth of this ministry of dealing with sin in our kids.

Additional Resources

Dr. Joel Beeke has 62 sermons on sermon audio on children – it has something for everyone! Look at these topics:

  • Teaching Your Children How To Read the Bible
  • Training Our Children in Godly Living
  • How to Train Children to Respect their Mother and Father
  • Building Convictions in Your Children
  • Preparing Our Children to Leave Home

Listen for free here:  Sermon Audio – Joel Beeke

Instructing a Child’s Heart

By Tedd, Margy Tripp


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