SPF 052: The Body Image Struggle

What do we do when we feel the body blues? Many women struggle with body image – how we perceive the way we look. It can be crippling as we move through our days, affecting our attitudes, our joy, even our intimacy with our husbands. Today we are looking at one of the root causes of the body image struggle and four truths to help us with this spiritual issue.


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Life Hack – Meal Planning

If you’ve ever struggled with meal planning, here is a really easy solution! Think of all your favorite recipes and write them on an index card – one recipe per card. You can include the ingredients, recipe, or where to find this information (ie Pinterest, Cookbook). Then give it a shuffle and pull out the first 7 cards and write them down in your calendar. You just meal planned your week!

Add new recipes by creating new cards. Skip a meal card if it’s out of season or you’re not feeling it. Use the cards to write down the ingredients you need. #brilliant

My friend Lindsay gave me this idea – you can check out her vlog on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdx3wfaQNaDf2C6Gpg9aORw

The Body Image Struggle

The body image struggle is a spiritual issue:

  •  body and soul are not separate – the only time we will be separate from our body is at our death.
  • we were made in God’s image and bear his glory as Creator
  • our bodies are created to work for a purpose for God’s glory – we are created for physical thing

A main reason we struggle with body image is living in a culture of comparison. We need to stop looking at others and look to the Truth of God’s Word.

Four Helpful Truths

  1. Remember that God is the Creator Isaiah 29:16
  2. Outward beauty is fading, but inward beauty can grow Proverbs 31:30
  3. God made our bodies to work and that means wear and tear Ecclesiastes 5:18-20
  4. We are need to be grateful for the gift our our bodies Psalm 28:7


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