SPF 055: Devoted to Fellowship

In the early church Christians were devoted to fellowship. What did that mean and what does biblical fellowship look like today? what are some of the benefits of this biblical fellowship? Today we are discussing the churches koinonia and and give some practical tools to jump the hurdles of living it out in our every day living. 


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Devotion to Fellowship

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2:42

“Devoted” – the Greek word for devoted is eimi and means “I exist” to be, to exist, to happen, to be present.

My existence now is to know Christ and to make Him known.

“Fellowship” – the Greek word for fellowship is koinonia means it’s a participation in fellowship and community.

Biblical Fellowship involves:

  • serving
  • loving
  • investing

Examine some Scriptures to help us live out this biblical fellowship:

  • Galatians 5:13-15
  • 1 Peter 4:7-11

Four benefits of fellowship:

  1. You are not alone
  2. A place to heal
  3. Unified eternal purpose
  4. Eternal hope with others

Practical Ideas to Prove Faithful in Fellowship

  1. Practice Hospitality
  2. Pray together
  3. Be on mission together
  4. Learn to ask meaningful heart level questions
  5. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you to fellowship

Questions and Ideas from YOU!

I reached out and asked listeners on Instagram and Facebook and ask if you had any favorite questions you like to ask or resources you use to help engage in meaningful conversations. You ladies provided some really great ideas and I’ve compiled them to help each other! A big thank you to everyone who participated!

  1. What have you been reading (in the Bible)? How is your heart? – Carissa
  2. What’s God been teaching you? – Lindsay
  3. How can I be praying for you? – Jessica
  4. What’s your testimony (How did you become a Christian)? – Brittany
  5. What have you been encouraged by lately? – Alexa
  6. What is Christ working on in you? – Blythe
  7. How did you grow up? – Deb
  8. What brought you to church? What urges you to seek Christ? – Keri
  9. What have you been encouraged by lately? – Alexa
  10. What are you learning in the Word? Erin
  11. Describe your week (instead of just “how’s your week”) – Abell
  12. Tip – show no partiality but show intention to each person in your group/study -Jannette
  13. Ask about family, occupation, goals, interests, dreams – Olivia
  14. Tip – be willing to be vulnerable first – Heather
  15. What books are you reading right now? – Leah
  16. What has God been teaching you/doing in your life lately? – Alesha

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