SPF 063: Theology of Gifts

Why do we give gifts at Christmas? God has given us the greatest gift and now we get to serve him through giving to others. Today we are talking about the theology of giving gifts and how God’s grace changes the whole Christmas giving paradigm. 


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The Theology of Gifts

Check out Doug Wilson’s sermon: A Theology of Gifts

What does the Bible have to say about gift giving? Why do we give gifts at Christmas? How much should we spend? How do I cultivate a biblical attitude about giving gifts?

These are questions that bounce around in my head around the Christmas season. Thankfully my husband pointed me to a Doug Wilson sermon that really infused me with a lot of joy and excitement about the WHY behind giving gifts.

Why Gifts at Christmas?

1. We are celebrating Christ’s birth!
2. We are remembering the gifts that the Wise Men gave to Jesus that represented His Kingship, His Divinity, and His death.
3. We give because God gives to us and it serves Christ.

How Does Giving Gifts Serve Christ?

Giving gifts is part of fulfilling the law of Christ (Mark 12). We love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, AND we love our neighbor as ourselves. Giving gifts is part of our sacrifice and service to the King. It is a reflection of God’s love and generosity to us.

Hebrews 6:10
Matthew 10:42
Matthew 25

“If we don’t understand gifts, we don’t understand grace, and if we don’t understand grace, we don’t understand anything.” – Doug Wilson

Three Sins of Gift Giving

There are probably a lot more sins, but here are three that we can fall into when giving gifts:

1. Giving out of grumpiness – John 12:5 Judas was grumpy about giving (it that came from a greedy, idolatrous heart)

2. Giving to our neighbor instead of God – When we are not honoring God with our gift giving, but instead thinking of ourselves and our benefits.

3. Giving to God and not giving to our neighbor – This is what the Pharasees did by making a tradition to neglect God’s commands. They thought giving to God only, was more holy, and neglected to love their neighbor by giving gifts to them.

How to Prove Faithful in Gift Giving

Proving faithful in gift giving really starts with a biblical attitude. Remember these two truths to encourage your heart in this season:

  • I give to God by giving to my neighbor because my neighbor is an image bearer of God, whom I’m called to love.

  • Give generously and give intelligently – giving is not about being foolish and going into debt. Be a wise steward of your time and resources, but don’t fall into stinginess. Rejoice in what God has provided you to spend to love others.


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Doug Wilson’s sermon about Christmas: http://www.canonwired.com/featured/1648/





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