SPF 066: The Christmas Special Featuring Andy Hlushak

It’s that time again! Time for the festive Christmas episode with my special guest, Andy Hlushak. Today we are answering some of your Christmas questions and having a jolly good time too!


Merry Christmas!

We had a lot of fun doing this show – laughing and remember Jesus in all things.

Here are some highlights:

Christmas Lifehack

Andy: use a staple gun and duct tape to wrap presents
Lauren: boil water, pour in a glass and then dump it out, then put glass over a refrigerated stick of butter to bring it to room temp in a minute (I think mine was the more helpful life hack 😉

Favorite Christmas Song

Andy: O Holy Night and Joy to the World
Lauren: O Come O Come Emmanuel

Theology of Gifts

Learn more about the theology of gifts–  on episode 64 of the SPF Podcast and Doug Wilson’s sermon

Why is the birth of Christ celebrated on December 25th?

The importance of celebrating Christ’s birth is to celebrate it; the date doesn’t matter because it doesn’t get us closer to the Lord, prove our salvation, or determine when Jesus is coming back. The important part is to make Christ known and to use Christmas as a time of worship and proclamation!

What do we do with all the Santa stuff?

Andy challenges us to not lie to our kids about the truth of Santa- it adds no value to their lives. Instead, share the great legacy of St. Nicolas and when we see a Santa rejoice in the symbol of generosity during Christmas!

What will you eat for Christmas breakfast?

Andy: Sushi.  (But not anymore hahaha)
Lauren: craving Panera Bread treats or homemade cinnamon rolls

Favorite Christmas Resources:

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Christmas Favorites List:  sheprovesfaithful.com/christmas





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