SPF 068: Self Deception & Cat Bread

Self Deception is deceiving. We don’t know we are deceived until we see correctly and the correct vision comes from God’s grace and knowing the Truth of the Word. Today were are going to talk about the dangers of self-deception and how to live in the reality of this world God created. 


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Life Hack

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Self Deception

Self Deception is deceiving.

We don’t know we are deceived until we see correctly and the correct vision comes from God’s grace and knowing the Truth of the Word.

The first time we see deception is in the garden – Genesis 3:1-3

  • Satan is crafty and wants to deceive us

  • He wants us to believe the lie that we know better than God – that our way is better

  • We are self-deceived because we want to be like God.

We see the results of this self-deception ALL OVER Scripture 

  • Jeremiah 17:5-7

  • Matthew 7:21-27

Dangers of Self-deception 

hell. That’s a freebie from my husband

  1. We will never face up to our sin with any realism – blame shift, justify, down play, ignore

  2. We will not face up to the state of our future with any realism – in death and the path of choosing our selves as lord in this life

  3. We place our trust in idols because we can develop a false Jesus. – You don’t get to make up your own Jesus. We can be deceived by our own desire for comfort or justification and make Jesus into someone He is not.

We are not the source of what is true. We are not the authority in this world. We need the truth to renew our minds and show us where we are trying to be God.

Wake Up from Self-Deception

  1. Know the True God of the Bible

  2. Be doers of the Word – workers of lawlessness

  3. Be in community

“We all have our blind spots, and God, in order to keep us on our spiritual toes has enable us to see everyone elses.” Pastor Doug Wilson

Body Image

We cannot self-love ourselves out of our insecurities.

Confidence in the way we look comes from understanding who God made you to be.

  1. That outward beauty fades, but inward beauty grows

  2. We are created to work – have babies, use our bodies, get wrinkles and gray hairs

  3. We are created to worship our Creator not the created – and give thanks for the gifts He gives us

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