SPF 079: Should Women Know Theology?

Should women know theology? What is theology? Why is it important? Let’s find out. Plus 5 ways theology has changed me.


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Should Women Know Theology?

Should women know theology – yes – actually, I think it’s imperative that we as women pursue the knowledge of theology. I think it’s imperative we become better THEOLOGIANS!

Theology: the study of God

Theology is not just an understanding of God, but an application of our understanding of God.

But everyone is a theologian because we all have a view of God.

Why is it imperative for women to know theology?

  • Because it gives us a right view of God.

  • It gives us a right view of ourselves.

  • It gives us a right view of our circumstances.

  • It shows Gods Lordship, Sovereignty, Wisdom, Love, Justice, Holiness – over all things.

  • It is TRUTH. and the truth sets us free.

  • “Truth works”

High view of theology with lead to more and more freedom. 

Practical Theology for Women

Wendy Alsup has an excellent book called, “Practical Theology for Women” that I recommend! She talkes about good theology is important because it gives us an accurate faith.

Reminds us that theology is incredibly practical – it gives us the foundation of our faith and Hebrews tells us without faith it is impossible to please God

Theology is about knowing God but also appropriating that truth to our lives!

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Five Ways Theology has Changed Me

  1. Better interpretation of Scripture which has given me greater joy and assurance

  2. Helped me defend the faith and articulate it more clearly – to instruct what is right and good and true

  3. Theology has helped me understand the biblical role of church and pastors

  4. Theology has helped me leave behind anxiety

  5. Theology has helped me do hard things

Great Resources for Growing in Theology

Amazon Links are affiliate links – meaning I get a very small referral credit from Amazon for recommend products, at no cost to you – that goes to supporting the podcast.

Here are some great ways to grow as better theologians:

  • Read the Bible whole chapters at a time and research the book of the Bible – who wrote it, to who, why, what was going on at the time?

  • Study the Word – do a inductive or investigative Bible study – templates are online

  • Read good theologians – J.C. Ryle, Charles Spurgeon, Wayne Grudem

  • Listen to good sermons – R.C. Sproul, Steven Lawson, Charles Spurgeon

Websites that are helpful:

  • gotquestions.org

  • biblegateway.com

  • logos.com (there is a free lite app version)

  • Matthew Henry Commentary

  • Ligoneir.com




By J. C. Ryle









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