SPF 082: Cultivating Godly Leadership in our Roles

Whether you’re in an official leadership position or not, as Christians we are leaders in some regard – whether as a mother, or a bible study leader, or discipling women, or teaching a class or sharing the Gospel, the Bible has great practical instructions for us in the area of godly leadership. Today we are looking at Acts 27 and contrast a centurion’s hurtful leadership with Paul’s helpful leadership and learn 3 ways we can graciously lead others.


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Distinctly Christian Leadership

John Piper wrote a brief article about distinctly Christian leadership having our goals as leaders defined by Scriptures.

1. we are to take people and move them toward godliness, towards worship, towards honoring Jesus, towards loving people.

2. that those we lead would not exclude people based on a prejudice we have – God will have people from every tribe and language

3. our goal as a christian leader is not to make our name great famous, nor are we the authority; it is our goal in leading others to make His name great. There is a christian attitude of humility and service in distinctly christian leadership. Luke 22:25-26

Duties of a Christian Leader vary – some may include:

  • Wash feet John 13:1-17

  • rebuke Matthew 16:23

  • discipling Matthew 18:15-20

  • serve at our own expense 1 Cor 9:7

  • issue strong imperatives 1 for 5:2, 11:16

Christian Leadership Example in Acts 27

Acts 27

Three things we learn hurtful leadership from Julius:

He feared failure – blind to good judgement, fear of failure can impair the safety of those under us. It can hold us back from doing what needs to be done, especially in times of trouble

He trusted in his own authority – we do have authority but we must remember to submit it to the Lordship of God – we can make choices and decisions but not to elevate our own name and our own dreams and theories and ideals – we make God’s name great

He despaired in trouble – the centurion along with all the sailors were feeling very hopeless, they were throwing things overboard they were panicked – they were not going to the one in whom there is always hope to be found;

There things we learn about helpful leadership from Paul:

Takes initiative – he spoke up many times even though he had no office – first of all he was respected – we know this because after they crash the soldiers want to kill the prisoners to make sure none escape but Julius favored Paul and wanted him to live. Paul initiated in sharing wisdom about the ship and sailing and then he stood up again and gave instruction and great encouragement in trouble – he wasn’t saying I told you so – that’s not helpful! He wasn’t about his own pride – he was about pointing people to the Gospel and using any opportunity to do so.

Spoke with authority – he instructs people about God and he does it with authority because God is true. He has conviction and is on mission. It could have made him look crazy, but when we know the truth we can stick our neck out knowing that God will eventually open the eyes of everyone to see – if not now, at Judgement

He encouraged and strengthened others – with a supernatural calmness too – we have to remember that chaos breeds chaos; godly leaders lead others to the Truth to encourage and strengthen them


How can you take initiative take people and move them toward godliness, towards worship, towards honoring Jesus, towards loving people?


  • we can take initiative – invite women to get together and read the bible

  • We can know the Scriptures and be bold when we share them – not a jerk, but confident

  • we can encourage and strengthen others with truth – do you know the Word well enough to encourage someone to hope? Are you learning and growing in the nutrition of the pure word? And are you engaging with those you are leading with the Word?


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John Piper Leadership article: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/what-is-leadership

Video referenced about Cory Asbury – this is not to create drama, but in case anyone would like to investigate and be discerning. God is King – not me – honor Him 🙂 Minute 8 is where I addressed.








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