SPF 086: How to Stay Focused When Praying

Have you ever been praying and lost focus, or maybe you get stuck and are not sure what to pray? Maybe you’ve faced some obstacles to praying or maybe you want to learn to pray God’s Word – well today we are learning all about praying God’s Scripture with five benefits of praying through a Psalm and 3 easy methods you can practice today.

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  • prayer is communicating to God our dependence

  • we thank Him

  • we ask for help

  • we are giving God glory for being God

Obstacles to Prayer

  • prideful attitude

  • tired and unfocused

  • overwhelmed by “logistics” of how to pray

  • we forget to pray / busy

5 Benefits of Praying through a Psalm

  1. Praying through a Psalm teaches us about God

  2. Praying through a Psalm helps us focus, and focus on what is most important

  3. Praying through a Psalm helps us dwell on what is truthful

  4. Praying through a Psalm helps us express ourselves rightly

  5. Praying through a Psalm glorifies God

3 Methods of Praying Through a Psalm

The Basic
Read a Bible verse and pray it back to God

The Observe and Pray
Read through a few verses in a Psalm, make some observations, define some words, and pray back what you learned to God

The 3 R’s
Read a verse and look for one (or more) of the 3 R’s:

  1. Rejoice – What did I read that causes me to rejoice, be glad, or give thanks?

  2. Repent – Is there anything I’ve read that brings to light sin in my life?

  3. Request – How does this Psalm inform me to pray for others, or myself?

(The 3 R’s were from an article on pray on Christianity Today)

Psalm Suggestions

  • Psalm 1 – righteousness vs wickedness

  • Psalm 15 – great understanding of God’s righteousness and holiness

  • Psalm 16 – God’s Faithfulness

  • Psalm 19 – God’s Glory in creation and His incredible Word

  • Psalm 23 – God’s Sovereignty and Right view of circumstances

  • Psalm 51 – David’s prayer of repentance

  • Psalm 100 – Giving Thanks

  • Psalm 103 – The Blessedness of God

  • Psalm 112 – Righteous man characteristics

  • Psalm 130 – Waiting and persevering


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ESV Study Bible

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I have not read this Psalms – the prayer book, but I do admire Dietrich Bonhoeffer and am interested in this resource.







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