SPF 088: Dinosaur Questions Answered – Part 2

How did the fit on the ark? How did the dinosaurs become extinct?  Are we sure that dinosaur bones are not millions of years old? Answers to these questions reveal a worldview that impacts other areas of belief. Scientist Jonathan Sarfati taught me a lot about dinosaurs at a recent conference and I’m sharing a few Dino facts that make sense through the lens of the most accurate history book we will ever have.

How did the fit on the ark? How did the dinosaurs become extinct?  Are we sure that dinosaur bones are not millions of years old? Answers to these questions reveal a worldview that impacts other areas of belief.

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Life Hack – Summer Activity

Go on a dinosaur excavation!! (Or any small toy excavation Dino excavation summer activity.)

Here’s what you need:

  • ice tray or muffin tin

  • small toys or plastic dinosaurs

  • food coloring (optional)

  • small tools (paint brushes, plastic hammers, etc)

  • freezer 😉

Fill ice tray with water (or color water in pitcher first, then add to ice tray). Add little toys (it’s ok if they are sticking out!). Freeze until solid. Take out and play!

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Dinosaur Questions Answered – Part 2

Were the dinosaurs on the ark?

  • According to Genesis 6 two of every kind of animal went aboard the ark

How did the dinosaurs fit on the ark?

  • The arc was huge.

  • 450 long

  • 75 feet wide

  • 45 feet tall

  • Imagine 6 semi trucks wide for 1/2 a mile standing at four stories tall

  • It was a sea worthy vessel and could not capsize

  • Page 243

  • Only about 55 kinds

  • Dinosaurs didn’t have to be fully grown

  • Most dinosaurs were relatively small

Why aren’t humans buried with dinosaurs if they were alive during the same time?

  • Evolutionists claim the order of the fossil record (trilobites at the bottom, humans at the top) is due to a succession of life-forms on Earth, which occurred over many hundreds of millions of years

  • But since Fossils are a record of death, creationists believe that most of these fossils and their subsequent order were formed by the year long global flood

  • Consider order of death during the flood

  • With the flood starting with the fountains of the great deep sedentary sea creatures would be buried first, then swimming sea life,

  • And as flood waters rose, shore river animals and plants

  • Then small mammals, amphibians, dinosaurs, low land forests

  • And last, large mammals, birds, and upland forests

How did the dinosaurs become extinct?

  • Many died in the flood

  • The rest died out through illness or at the hand of men

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