SPF 093: Generations: Making Time for Family Discipleship with Jenna Hallock

“He established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers to teach to their children, that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God.” Psalm 78:5-7a “Moms and Dads you are the first and best disciples of your children” – Jenna Hallock, Director of Family Time, is on today’s show to talk to us about family discipleship, and a great resource to help us prove faithful in the home. Plus she has a special offer for SPF listeners.


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Family Discipleship with Jenna Hallock

Family Discipleship: Every believer is a disciple of Christ and is making disciples by accepting the truth of the Gospel and spreading the Good News to others. That’s what we need to be doing in the home.

Be careful not to neglect the hearts of our children in the home with the Good News of Jesus while attending to the mission outside the home.

“Moms and dads, you are the first and best discipler of your children. The church is there to support you, but God has given you this responsibility.”

“Don’t be afraid to say no to some of the things that you’re being asked to do, for the sake of being able to give your best to this work of raising up your children.”

Overcoming Obstacles to Family Discipleship

1. Didn’t see it modeled – find someone at your church who is discipling their kids to help you

2. Business – “What are you busy with?” We all have choices how we spend our time; where are the pockets of time that are less important but have more of a priority where we can plan and be intentional about discipleship instead?

3. Not being intentional – are you truly being intentional with the time you have? Write reminders, say no to some things.

“Say no to things to give the best things a better yes.”

Family Time

Website: famtime.com

“The mission of Family Time Training is to train and equip parents and grandparents to pass the faith to the next generation in the home.”

Deuteronomy 6

Psalm 78

“What we are doing moms, matters so much, not just for our own souls, not just for the souls of our own children, but for our children’s children. . . . there will be generations some day who could come to salvation.”

“This is the most important work we could be doing!”

“Intentional time will create organic moments throughout your week that go back to the lesson.”

Family Time Resources:

Family Time Activity Books

Family Time Training (for churches to teach families about family discipleship)

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Jenna’s Life Hack – Clean that Ceiling Fan

Jenna has a great life hack! Use a pillow sheet to clean those fan blades. Take an old pillow case, open it up and insert the fan blade in the case and pull off the dust!! Shake out the dust in the trash, and throw it in the wash!

Connect with Jenna: http://famtime.com/contact


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