SPF 101: Reformation Women: Katherina Von Bora

Happy Reformation Day!! Today we are celebrating this big movement for the Christians church that started in the 1500s with a story of a very famous reformers wife: Katie Luther.  


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Katherina Von Bora

Born Katherina Von Bora in January 29, 1499

Married Martin Luther in June 15, 1525

Historical Books about Katie Luther:

Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk by Michelle DeRusha

Popes and Feminists – How the Reformation Frees Women from Feminism by Elise Crapuchettes

Radiant – 50 Remarkable Women in Church History by Richard Hannula

THREE THINGS we can learn from Katie Luther:

  1. Katie was the mistress of her domain

    Being the Mistress of the domain is GROUND LEVEL foundational work – it is critical to operation of LIFE. Katie’s care of the home and her commitment to God served to propel the theological work of Martin Luther and today when we read our Bibles in our own Language we can think of a woman who faithfully made the way for her husband to preach and teach and REFORM.

  2. Katie engaged in theology

    While Katie served in her home she was also engaging in theology and the reform with Martin and his guests. Katie was spiritually inquisitive and a critical thinker. She would ask her questions to Luther and also be involved in their Table Talk discussions.

  3. Katie was not a victim – she was committed to the Lord

    Reformation women – their thoughts were not “let me see how I can advance the cause of women or any special victimized class – it’s how can I advance the gospel and make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known?” Elise Crapuchettes – Sheologians



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Sheologians – Popes and Feminists

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