SPF 119: Make the Most of Summer (Plan + Purpose) Summer Special!

Summers are a season that usually have a bit of a difference pace. To make the most of our summers, I’m offering a few ideas to plan out a purposeful three months. I’ll share my number one idea with a few insights I’ve already gathered after just two days! It’s the summer special!


Summers are a season that usually have a bit of a difference pace. To make the most of our summers, I’m offering a few ideas to plan out a purposeful three months. I’ll share my number one idea with a few insights I’ve already gathered after just two days!

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Summer Life Hacks

Keep your car cool! Thanks Stephanie!

  1. Park in the shade

  2. Use a sunshade in the windshield

  3. Crack your windows

  4. Park the car facing south or west

  5. Get tinted windows

Summer Strawberry Frosted Lemonade – Homemade!


Here’s my super secret recipe:

  • 1/2 cup lemon juice

  • 3/4 cup almond milk

  • 1 cup frozen strawberries

  • 2 cups ice

  • 1 TBSP collagen

  • 1 Tspn xanthum gum

  • Sweetener to taste – try 1/4 cup maple syrup

  • Blend on high until smooth! Add more sweetener if you like!

  • Makes more than a quart

Here is a link to where I got my inspiration:


Eagle Lake Camps

Looking for a Christian summer camp for your kids? Check out Eagle Lake Camps!


Our 2018 visit to Eagle Lake!

Our 2018 visit to Eagle Lake!

Purpose and Plan for Making the Most of your Summer!

I think one of the biggest ways we can make the most of our summers is to not neglect the Word. What a gift the Word of God is to us but when slower or busier seasons hit – it can quickly fall to the wayside.

So print the plan.

Read along.

Do it with your kids or a friend at church.

Talk about it.

Share what you are learning.

Be blessed.



What a full summer. 

Can you imagine getting to September 1st having read through the New Testament – I think I would look back and no matter what other things I did or didn’t do, I would be really thankful and satisfied at God’s Word having fed my soul that summer.

What I loved about Matthew 1-8

  1. Joseph – Chapter 1 – Do not fear obedience or the Lord’s plans

  2. The prophesies! In the first 4 chapters there were SEVEN fulfilled prophesies about Jesus from a variety of prophets – Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, Hosea.

    1. Check out this article on probability: http://www.bereanpublishers.com/the-odds-of-eight-messianic-prophecies-coming-true/

  3. When Jesus started his ministry he was doing three things:

    1. Taught in the synagogue

    2. preached the Gospel

    3. healed people

  4. In the sermon of the mount Jesus talks about giving to the needy, praying, and fasting and the common theme is to do them for the Lord in secret and not for the praise of man.

More Ideas!

I’m going to run through some ideas and I encourage you to think about a plan for yourself and if you have kids or grand kids how you can include them in this. We have a mission field in our home and may we not miss the summer to get planting seeds and watering those right at our feet!

  1. Pick an attribute of God each week and look up some Bible verses about it

    1. https://www.challies.com/visual-theology/visual-theology-the-attributes-of-god/

  2. Pray through the Psalms in the morning or at night

  3. Memorize a chunk of Scripture 

    1. Exodus 20

    2. 1 Corinthians 13

    3. Ephesians 1

  4. Be a student of God’s Creation 

    Read a book or articles on creation websites like creation.com and learn about things you see this summer out in nature. Give glory to the creator!

    1. Watch the Riot and the Dance – free right now on Amazon Prime

    2. We read about different birds and how they build their nests and my daughter remarked – God is amazing! I could never do that and a bird does it!

  5. Attend a Christian conference

  6. Learn some hymns as a family 

  7. Practice Hospitality 

  8. Serve at church

  9. Go through Ligonier’s RC SPROUL mini booklets on crucial questions – the digital copies are free! Pick one a week and read through it with your family or on your own. 

    1. https://www.ligonier.org/blog/rc-sprouls-crucial-questions-ebooks-now-free/?utm_source=ligonier&utm_medium=app+slider&utm_campaign=cq+sale


Amazon links are affiliate links

The Riot and the Dance: Earth

Starring Dr. Gordon Wilson

The Creation Answers Book

By David Catchpoole, Jonathan Sarfati, Carl Wieland


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