SPF 171: Encouraging Bits – Messes, Government, & Our Daily Resort

Need some encouragement about messes, government, and trusting God? Look no further.


Need some encouragement about messes, government, and trusting God? Look no further. Show Notes: sheprovesfaithful.com/podcast/episode171 Support $5 a Month: patreon.com/sheprovesfaithful

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Simple Goal and Serving Idea List

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Podcast Notes

  1. Messes

    Remember the intangibles when messes are made and when you are cleaning up.

  2. Government

    Remember Jesus is Lord (not Caesar) and that government has limited authority.

  3. He Hath Said

    Remember that God has said. His Word is filled with comfort and promises to give us hope, extinguish doubt, and steady our hearts and minds.

    “He hath said is the source of wisdom, the fountain of our comfort – let it dwell in us richly.”

Charles Spurgeon Morning and Evening Devotion February 21 “He Hath Said”:


No Other Savior: https://chalcedon.edu/resources/articles/political-saviors

Caesar Augustus: https://dougwils.com/the-church/a-decree-went-out-from-caesar.html

Pastor Jeff Durbin – Defying Tyrants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_4Z_rPgetk

Books (amazon links are affiliate links):

Lex Rex: The Law is King

By Rutherford, Samuel


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