SPf 205: Hope in the Midst of Fear

Fear is a quintessential human issue, and one of the greatest things that comes from fear is that it drives us to our Savior who is our strength and our refuge. Today I am sharing how we can prove faithful when we are fearful and how we can always have hope.

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Hope in the Midst of Fear

“Their greatest good is that they remind us that we are small and that we need Jesus. Dependence on him is life; independence is a deadly myth.” – Ed Welch

There are fearful and frightening things in this world. There are terrors and troubles and tribulations that make our frailty, weakness and smallness known. It is for our greatest good that these things would make us run to our Savior who has overcome the world and who never fails to intercede for us.

Psalm 46

God is a very present help in our troubles. The word present actually translates into found he is are found help meaning discovered and proved secure.

Isaiah 28:16 says: Behold, I am the one who has laid as a foundation in Zion,

a stone, a tested stone,

a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation:

‘Whoever believes will not be in haste.’

Jesus is a tested stone, he has proved secure capable of being our help – not just capable, but the best and greatest source of help in our troubles.

“If the earth be removed, those have reason to fear who have laid up their treasures on earth, and set their hearts upon it; but not those who have laid up for themselves treasures in heaven, and who expect to be most happy when the earth and all the works that are there in shall be burnt up. let those be troubled at the troubling waters who build their confidence on such a floating foundation, but not those who are led to the rock that is higher than they, and find firm footing upon that rock.” – Matthew Henry

Not only do we have Christ as our firm foundation, but Psalm 46 also teaches us that trouble will not prevail against God’s church. He is within her and she will not fail.

Here are a few other things we must remember:

  1. Today you have all the grace you need and that grace is new every morning

  2. Dependence on the Lord creates hopefulness. Depression is being in fear without hope.

  3. This is the pattern of Christian growth – that we would grown in endurance, which would grow our character, which would grow our hope

  4. We are not at the mercy of people – we are at the mercy of God


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Trusting God

By Bridges, Jerry

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