SPF 210: Christian Culture & Training Children for Sunday Morning Worship

Christians are part of the Kingdom of God and with that Kingdom comes a culture. There are biblical aspects of Christian culture that all believers share and today I’m going to talk about Sunday Worship and practical tips to get children in church with you.

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Christian Culture

I think we can fall into the world’s trap of thinking Christians are stuffy and boring. But Christian culture is wonderful and exciting!

  • Christian culture happens because of our redemption.

  • It includes education, hospitality, celebrations and traditions and holidays, it includes praying at meals, making art and music, creating content, businesses – I mean think of culture and start defining what it should be biblically – in a way that would glorify God.

  • Sunday worship on the Lord’s day is part of Christian culture

  • We are called to “enculturate” our children in the Christian culture Ephesians 6:4

Training Our Children to Worship with Us

Part of training our children in the Christian culture is teaching them to worship the Lord corporately.

No. 1: But kids are too little to get anything out of the sermon – they learn way more in a class with kids their age doing crafts and singing kid songs.

  1. First we must not fall into the temptation that our kids are not getting anything out of a sermon. The hearing of God’s word never comes back without return. My former pastor used to say “Even if water runs through a sieve you still get a clean sieve.” Meaning, kids might not retain or understand but they are still getting washed in the word.

  2. Church is about worshipping the Lord

  3. It is our responsibility to teach our children the Word of God at home

No. 2: But I’m tired and I can’t pay attention or take notes.

  1. Hard things are not always bad things and there is fruit to be reaped: Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

  2. Seasons of little ones are short.

  3. The Lord will supply what you miss on Sundays


  1. Start training at home. https://www.instagram.com/thespearing/ Has a post on how they practice during the week by having the children sit at the dinner table for 10 minutes and learn to listen to the Word and sit still.

  2. Practice singing songs at home so they can sing together in church

  3. Teach children when to sit and stand at church while you’re at home.

  4. Teach children what church is all about – worshipping God

Think through – if we are to enculturate our children and train them how to live in a Christian culture how am I doing that in relation to corporate worship on Sundays?


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